Lindsay Lohan Caught Partying Again

article-2298621-18E75BD6000005DC-485_638x845 It seems that Lindsay Lohan doesn’t intend to change her ways. Once again she is caught partying in Santa Monica, California, on Saturday night. To remind you, the actress made a plea deal to serve a 90 day rehab in a locked facility that she won’t be allowed to leave for the duration of the sentence. She also agreed on eighteen months of psychotherapy and thirty days of community work. Her rehab ought to start in May.

Lindsay was seen leaving 41 Ocean, private member’s club, not looking her best. She wasn’t very happy about getting caught and she tried to hide her face but the shots were made. Witnesses say that she became very angry and aggressive when she spotted the reporter taking a photo of her. ‘She said “Don’t even try it” and then got in the car and screamed,’ one witness says. Lohan tried to hide in the back seat of the car and her boyfriend yelled at the driver to get out of there.

According to the other guests in the club, Lindsay had a great time there, but they say she drank only San Pellegrino. However, it is known that she disguises alcohol as water and several clubs have confirmed that.article-2298621-18E75BD2000005DC-517_640x943

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