Lindsay Lohan ditched over Barron Hilton fight

lindsay-lohan-z100-jingle-ball-at-msg_3998243 Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend, Morgan O’Connor, dumped her after the infamous incident with Barron Hilton.

Lindsay and Morgan were dating for some time, but after she allegedly ordered for Barron to be beaten up at a house party on December 6, Morgan started distancing himself from the troubled actress.

A source told ”Lindsay had a tantrum when she would see Morgan’s ex-girlfriend at events. She would throw her arms in the air, stomp her feet and fling her hair around. She was acting like she was 10 years old. Morgan wants nothing to do with her at all. He is telling people that he is nervous and freaking out that his career is going to be affected by all her crazy evilness. She’s obsessed with him. He is telling his friends he is not her boyfriend and doesn’t want to be with her.”

lindsay-lohan-morgan-oconnorThe whole Lohan – Hilton incident was allegedly triggered by a conversation between Morgan and Barron.

A source said: ”Morgan was telling Barron that Lindsay was acting weird, and a bit sketchy, were the exact words he used. Barron retorted that Lindsay was a lying drug addict, and warned Morgan not to get sucked into any of her drama. One of Lindsay’s friends overheard the conversation and told her what Barron said, causing her to freak out.”

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One response to “Lindsay Lohan ditched over Barron Hilton fight”

  1. Harry says:

    Lindsay is a troubled drug addicted actress. She is very emotional and her emotions are evil, indeed. I wonder how such a beautiful and fragile lady can be such a nasty one?! No wonders why men run away form her. I would never have wanted to have anything in common with the crazy person like her. Lindsay, maybe another rehab will help you?? Or are you non-improvable?