Lindsay Lohan meets half-brother for the first time


Despite her original reluctance to meet or have any kind of relationship with her half-siblings, Lindsay Lohan recently met her father’s 14-month-old son, Landon, with girlfriend Kate Major, in New York City for the first time.

Speaking to, Lindsay’s father Michael Lohan, said: ”All of my kids got to meet Landon. It was a great experience for me and Landon and I think them too. Ali was the most amazing, but Lindsay bonded with him and so did my other children.”

Besides little Landon, LiLo’s father also has a teenage daughter named Ashley Horn. Michael Lohan had an affair while he was still married to Lindsay’s mother Dina, but Lindsay still wants nothing to do with Ashley.

A source said previously: ”While Ashley can’t stand Michael, she thought Lindsay would be kinder to her. She says the Lohans are trash and wants nothing to do with them but the truth is she is really hurt by Lindsay’s attitude.”

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One response to “Lindsay Lohan meets half-brother for the first time”

  1. Megan says:

    Lindsay Lohan is a trash indeed, so who would care she doesn’t want to meet them? Dear, say ‘Thank God’ she is not going to meet you and spoil your life.! You have been doing well without her till now, so why would you want to meet this abusive now?!