Lindsay Lohan refused to go away with Max George

Lindsay-Lohan-5-BANG-Showbiz After completing her court ordered 90-day rehab, Lindsay Lohan attended a wild party in L.A. with Max George but her father Michael says the actress wasn’t drinking and even refused a trip away with Max because it might endanger her sobriety.

Michael Lohan told RadarOnline: ”To begin with, Lindsay was asked to go out of town with Max and she thought it was a bad idea. I spoke to people with her who said she did not drink and I even spoke to her and she was absolutely fine.”

Lindsay has now moved to New York City, and is determined to stay sober. In fact, she is said to be urging her mother Dina to go to rehab too. A source said: “Lindsay has been worried sick about Dina lately. She knows Dina has been out drinking and she sees how much her own treatment helped her, so she has been begging her mother to go and get help.”

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