Lindsay Lohan wants to be friends with Princess Eugenie

lindsay-lohan Lindsay Lohan is desperate to become friends with Britain’s Princess Eugenie.

Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter has moved to New York for work and the actress has been trying to befriend her.

A source told Heat magazine: ”Lindsay’s long been obsessed with the royals, particularly Prince Harry, who she thinks is a perfect match for her. But Eugenie’s quite low-key. The two run into each other at their favourite restaurants – La Cenita and bubby’s – where Lindsay makes a beeline for Eugenie and invites her to her house.”

Unfortunately, the daughter of Prince Andrew apparently doesn’t want to hang out with Lohan. ”Eugenie’s trying to let Lindsay down gently but it’s not working,” the insider added.


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One response to “Lindsay Lohan wants to be friends with Princess Eugenie”

  1. Charlie says:

    I see Lohan wants to get into the royal family. No I do not think she is a great match for prince. She is just form rehab and royal families usually do not mess with it. They stick to honor and dignity at least for publicity. So, apparently no royal family member would interfere with Lindsey. She needs to start with herself and be honest and open with herself first. She is not worthy a prince. So, no need to try to befriend with Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter.