Lindsay Lohan’s friends worried about her sobriety


After series of rehab stints Lindsay Lohan has vowed to clean up and start leading healthier life. However, it seems that the troubled actress might be returning to her bad habits, reports.

Lindsay’s close friends are allegedly worried that her partying and hanging out with ”bad influences” is endangering her sobriety and putting her career at risk.

A source close to the star told gossip website: ”This is terrible news and so bad for Lindsay’s sobriety. It’s a really bad sign. Anyone in recovery knows when you hang around with the same old people that you used with before it will sidetrack your entire life.”


Lindsay has rekindled her friendship with British socialite Lady Victoria Hervey and Spanish artist Domingo Zapata and that’s been causing panic among her pals. They believe that the 27-year-old actress, who is set to star in the upcoming thriller Inconceivable, is putting her future career on the line.

”What’s more startling is why would Lindsay risk the opportunity she has to do the movie Inconceivable and working with Randall Emmitt to hang out with these people?” the insider added.

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3 responses to “Lindsay Lohan’s friends worried about her sobriety”

  1. Memmo says:

    After watching some of her show on OWN it became very clear that this girls sense of entitlement and importance is off the charts. Her behavior is completely unprofessional. She acts like a spoiled brat, treats those that work for her like complete crap and lives like a slob. The way she spends money should have her filing bankruptcy by the time she is thirty. And the fact that she is still know as “the mean girls star” (a movie that came out ten years ago) is a good indication that her career is over. Why anyone would hire her after what was shown on the Oprah special is beyond comprehension.

  2. Chey-Chey says:

    I USED to feel sorry for her.. but after watching her new show on OWN… I am convinced she is a spoiled/entitled/arrogant/eliteist/pompous DICK-HEAD ! she DESERVES to flounder coz normal people dont treat “help” as 3rd class citizens !!!

  3. Sheryl says:

    How pathetic is it that they are still using *Mean Girls* as the defining moment in Lohan’s life? That movie came out in 2004, when Lohan was 17 years old. Ten years later, and it still defines her . . . well except for all the articles that start off with “Troubled Starlet”.
    BTW, she’s not “drinking again” or “drugging again” or “Hanging out with the wrong crowd” again – SHE NEVER STOPPED!!! That’s why this whole bull s**t about not going to AA meetings because of the paparazzi is such crap. The Paps are there when SHE wants them to be and they are no where to be seen when SHE doesn’t want them around.
    One last thing. Who is the source? Probably one of her drug buds who couldn’t give two f**fs about her sobriety. Probably her Mom.