Lindsay Lohan’s friends worried by her behavior

lindsay-lohan-lindsay-lohan-departure_3596647 After breaking up with Morgan O’Connor, Lindsay Lohan is being accused of acting childishly by her friends.

Her new pals, who are almost 10 years younger than her, claim that Lohan is constantly causing drama and acting immaturely.

A source told New York Post: ”She finds out where Morgan is, then shows up and causes problems. Morgan was staying at the Dream Downtown, and Lindsay showed up and found out which room he was in. She knocked on his door, came in and started bitching Morgan out. She was ordering all the girls to leave. She said she wouldn’t leave until they all left. These kids are 18. Every time she comes around, she causes problems.”

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2 responses to “Lindsay Lohan’s friends worried by her behavior”

  1. Jessy says:

    Lindsay is an immature bitch! Maybe she needs to get back to rehab? Well, I believe this is not a disorder, this is immature vision of the world being too spoiled and taken much care of an her fame or better say infame these days. I think she better spends her money not on the drugs, alcohol and wild parties, but on the right manner tutor and will learn to become mature or at least behave like the one! Such behavior at her age is simply strange to me! This way she shows not only disrespect to Morgan and his life, but to her personality too.

  2. Jan says:

    Lindsay is insane. She is crazy in all the respects. Al the news about her are only scandalous. I am not sure if rehab helped her much, but nothing really changed about this rich spoiled girlie! She needs to realize she is no longer a teen and needs to behave as an adult and have a mature outlook on life, not botching around and showing she is the best.