Lindsay Lohan’s reality show gets release date

Lindsay-Lohan-Instagram-4-600x450 After all the delays and problems with making a documentary about Lindsay Lohan’s life, Oprah Winfrey’s network OWN has finally announced the release date of the new reality show.

The premiere will be on March 9.

OWN has issued a statement that read: “Lindsay follows movie star and media sensation Lindsay Lohan on her journey through recovery following a very public period of crisis. Having had her career and personal life sidelined by her public struggles, Lindsay is strikingly candid about her life and is more determined than ever to get back on her feet. In this honest, no-holds-barred account, viewers will see an intimate, unflinching look into the life of one of the world’s most sought-after celebrities.”

lilo10tvf-1-webThe troubled actress appeared on Oprah’s Next Chapter last August and talked about her struggles with drugs and alcohol and spending time in rehab. Oprah reportedly offered her $2 million for the interview and the eight-episode reality series.

However, it wasn’t easy working with Lohan.

In one scene from the show, screened for TV critics, Oprah says: “This is just what everyone warned me would happen (working with her). And it is.”

Later, Winfrey says to Lohan, “My truth is, I really do want you to win … but if that isn’t what you want, I’m okay with that. I will tell these guys to pack up and leave today.”

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3 responses to “Lindsay Lohan’s reality show gets release date”

  1. Jucy says:

    Lindsay is a sort of woman that is hard to deal with, not just to work with. you can hardly rely on a psycho and drug abused person. I do not think she wants to change, she just enjoys her the way she is and this is evident. I realize why it was hard for Oprah to work with her. Wow! 2 million is a great sum of money for the 8 series reality show. I am sure Oprah will make more on it revealing the darkest Lindsay’s secrets to the world.

  2. Tanya1 says:

    I think Lindsay is just a lost child who is struggling for something, but even she doesn’t know what for. I do not know what has brought her to drugs, maybe lack of parent’s affection, or she had too much fame when she was young, or maybe she didn’t get the right advice in the time when she really needed it, I do not know, but she really needs help. I remember my childhood movies where she was a smiling and happy girl, what in the world has happened to her that made her doing drugs? I hope she will find enough strength in order to finish with drugs and alcohol, because this is the thing that only she can do, if she will not decide in her head that she wants to leave it, than she will never get rid of this bad habit.

  3. Minerva says:

    Wow, Lindsay Lohan really is a very lucky one. Even after becoming a drug addicted person who often abuses alcohol and does many bad things she still manages to get her own reality show, and not just with someone, but with Oprah Winfrey! I love all of the Oprah’s shows, and I admire her for being so kind and at the same time she is always saying the truth to the person right in the eyes, though she is doing it in her own special way, with a smile and in an advising manner. Awe God I love this wonderful woman and am crying almost on each of her shows.