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Lithuanian Women Celebrities A small country in the Northern part of Europe has the proud name of Lithuania. Only beautiful girls live there.

Lithuania is the land of picturesque fields and meadows, which smoothly go into the clear waters of the Baltic Sea. In this incredibly beautiful area there live amazing women – beautiful Lithuanian women. The appearance of these girls is very aristocratic. Women here always try to look as great as it’s possible and watch their health care. They dress with taste, but not pretentiously, wear accessories, but in moderation, like make-up, but natural and discreet. Respectfully treat expensive perfumes. The most popular hairstyle is the hair collected in a magnificent tail. Among the gentle representatives of this people you can name the model Simon Starkut and the popular actress Ingeborgu Dapkunaite. Agne Motiejunaite a Lithuanian model, she is engaged in charity. Edita Vilkeviciute is a Lithuanian top model. She is an Angel of Victoria’s Secret. Egle Standtaite – model, etc. Lithuanian citizen Valery Dmitriev received the title “Second Smile of the Universe – 2017“, the press service of the organizers of the event Smile of Universe.

Edita Vilkeviciute-min

Edita Vilkeviciute

In Lithuania there are 1.6 million women – almost 54% of all residents, according to data at the beginning of 2015. Representatives of the fair love of Lithuania – the most educated in the European Union, and the glory of their beauty, peace, pride and inner strength spread throughout the world.

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Lithuanians are calm and reserved girls, who are distinguished by their good upbringing and tactfulness. The women here are very delicate and creative. They love music and poetry, so men always know how they can conquer a girl. They are excellent housewives. Everyone knows how to bake delicious bread or excellent pies. These women are wonderful caring wives. Modern girls are very educated, and they strive for independence. Many of them build a brilliant career and occupy leadership positions. In this country, even the presidential chair is occupied by a woman – the charming Dalia Grybauskaite. It is very difficult not to notice the Lithuanian girls, because their nature generously awarded incredible attractiveness. Lithuanians have less growth than Estonians, and even Latvians, about 168-169 cm. They have narrower and shorter faces, compared to Latvians and Estonians, and hair is lighter. But there are fewer shades of the eye. But most of the Lithuanians have wavy hair.

Egle Standtaite

Egle Standtaite

A concave profile of the back of the nose is rarely seen. And it is much less common to meet a snub-nosed Lithuanian women. If Estonians have more than forty percent of the population with a raised base of the nose and about the same number of Latvians, then the Lithuanians have this figure at twenty percent.

Like all the Baltic states, these are light-eyed blondes of medium height with an excellent slender figure. Their white soft skin glows with youth and beauty. The faces of the girls are just the artist’s dream. They are symmetrical, feminine and attractive. A straight small nose, thin lips and slightly pointed chin create an unforgettable impression of these women.

Agne Motiejunaite

Agne Motiejunaite

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