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Vietnam lies on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Over 80% of the percent in Vietnam is occupied by mountains, there are two deep and important rivers – Mekong and Hongha. The country is one of the largest suppliers of rice. Here is the longest cable car listed in the Guinness Book of Records, and Halong Bay is a World Natural Heritage.

The national composition in Vietnam is homogenous: basically it is represented by Vietnamese, 1.5% each belongs to Thais, Khmer, Myong and other nationalities. The population speaks Vietnamese, some speak English, French and Chinese. The basis of Vietnamese religion is the cult of ancestors. Vietnamese girls and women are famous for warm smiles, smooth skin and a sculpted figure, so there are a lot of models and actresses of Vietnamese origin in the world. By nature, most Vietnamese girls are small and have a male-type physique. In Vietnam, lush forms are popular, so bras with a push-up effect and panties with the same effect go into play. Of course, most striking panties with foam inserts on the buttocks. It looks like shorts with an imitation of the shape of the surface of the body that is below the back.

Tianna Ta

Tianna Ta

The Vietnamese are one of the largest nations of the world. Now there are more than 77 million Vietnamese in the world. Unlike the Mongols, the Vietnamese are not classic Mongoloids. Along with other peoples of Indochina and Southeast Asia, the Vietnamese have an obvious admixture of the Australoid race (Japanese and Chinese have such an admixture, but to a lesser extent).

Vietnamese can be ranked among the most beautiful women in Asia. If we compare Vietnamese, for example, with Japanese women, then Vietnamese, as a rule, are taller, and also have more feminine forms.

Thi Oanh Yen

Thi Oanh Yen

The top most beautiful Vietnamese women celebrities included well-known Vietnamese actresses, singers, models and winners of national and international beauty contests, living in Vietnam and beyond, having Vietnamese roots.

  • Lai Huong Thao is a representative of Vietnam at Miss World 2013.
  • Michelle Phan (born April 11, 1987) is an American beauty blogger of Vietnamese origin who has become a YouTube singer. She uploaded more than 300 videos and has about 7 million subscribers.
  • Tianna Ta is a fashion model, author of fitness techniques. She was born in Vietnam, since 1983 she lives in the USA.
  • Ho Thi Oanh Yen – model.
  • Michelle Phan is guru of make-up. Born in Boston in a Vietnamese family. The channel on YouTube is Michelle Fahn, where she tells how to turn herself into Barbie, Lady Gaga, Deyneris Targarien from the “Game of Thrones”, the Egyptian queen, etc., with the help of cosmetics (in the US the use of cosmetics is called makeup), has 6 , 5 million subscribers. In 2013, Michel and L’Oreal launched their own line of cosmetics – EM.
  • Kathleen Luong is an actress. Born in Vietnam, in 1979, together with her family, she left first for Malaysia, and then for the United States.

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