Mariah Carey spends $194k on dog holiday

mariah We all know how much Mariah Carey loves her pet dogs and that she is ready to spend big bucks on her pooches. This time she is sending them on a luxury £115,000 ($194,000) holiday in the UK.

The singer will spend £100,000 ($168,650) on the transport for her dogs from the US to the UK and additional £15,000 ($25,300) on their stay at dog hotel The Paws Seasons in Bristol, England.

A source told Heat magazine: ”They’ll be washed, groomed, taken on day trips, sleep in their own hotel beds and the chef will cook them personalized meals, according to a menu plan Mariah’s sending over. She’s even spending £100,000 to charter a private jet to the UK for their luxury break.”

The hotel is usually not that expensive, but Mariah has special demands for her pets.

The Paw Seasons explained: ”Most of our guests arrive with a good supply of their usual food, but if clients want us to order in a couple of juicy organic steaks, we’ll organize it.”

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