Mariah Carey spends fortune on dog grooming


While most people cannot even imagine what it’s like to spend more than $45.000 a year on hairdresser and spa treatments, Mariah Carey spends that kind of money grooming treatments for her pet dogs.

The singer wants only the best for her puppies and always makes sure they get royal treatment.

A source told the Daily Mirror: ”Mariah pays for all the spa therapies herself and doesn’t expect any special treatment. Only her dogs get that. While prices start at $68 for a simple trim, other treatments are extra and Mariah’s dogs really seem to enjoy their wraps and full body massages.

”She pays for her doggies to travel with her first class on a whim. And when they can’t she will check them into doggy day care at salons Chateau Marmutt, Barkingham Palace or Pour La Pooch. She also employs a designated chauffeur to ferry them to and from at around $650 a time.”


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One response to “Mariah Carey spends fortune on dog grooming”

  1. Mike says:

    Everyone has their obsession and passion in life, so why not a pet? I am sure many celebrities send a small fortune on their loved ones. This is I what they can afford and this is what they love to do. We can only die with jealousy, you know and dream of becoming someone’s pet. ROLF