Marion Cotillard: Actors are fragile creatures

marion-cotillard-cannes-film-festival-the_3685445 In an interview with the latest French issue of ELLE magazine, Marion Cotillard talked about the problems of alcohol and drug abuse among actors.

She believes that many actors suffer from substance abuse issues because they are fragile and are looking for some kind of escape from everyday pressures.

”Actors are fragile creatures. The wider the gap, the more vulnerable we are. Any form of escape can seem good. You have to navigate through the different emotions because you’re placed in tough positions as an actor. Everything we give in a performance can come back to torture,” Marion said.

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One response to “Marion Cotillard: Actors are fragile creatures”

  1. Jesse says:

    Marion is right – many actors are addicted to drugs or alcohol or other and things that just destroy them this is the way to escape the emotions and the stress they are dealing with. Indeed, when you are acting and live the life of your character, you get its reflection on your on personality. I believe the actors find other ways of relaxation, that are healthy, like meditation, Zen philosophy, baths, swimming, gym, anything, but not the substances and actions that destroy them and their reputation.