Marion Cotillard wasn’t sociable

marion-cotillard-elle-20th-annual-women-in_3917018 Becoming an actress was a way for Marion Cotillard to find her inner self and stop hiding behind her emotions.

She says she wasn’t very sociable as a teenager and that acting helped her find happiness.

She explained: ”I was crazy, but I was not wild. I was not very sociable, not very happy either. I could do crazy things but in a way to destroy myself. I decided to be an actress. Perhaps the idea was to escape – but I released that it was the exact opposite, that it was the only way to meet myself. To meet my true self and not to escape anymore … being someone else helped me to find my true self.”

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4 responses to “Marion Cotillard wasn’t sociable”

  1. Simon says:

    This is the case when the person has found her cup of tea. I am happy that acting helped such a great lady as Marion Cotillard find herself. We are truly happy when we have found our place under the sun as we call it. When we are really happy with ourselves and know the real desires and wishes and goals and dreams. And I think it is very important to do in this life what you really like to do then it will bring you happiness and satisfaction, besides life is easier when your job is your hobby and passion.

  2. Sarah says:

    I love Marion Cotillard! Since I saw the movie “Taxi” where she performed one of the main roles I got totally overwhelmed by her acting. She seemed so genuine and naïve, and at the same time so much fun. Like a neighborhood girl whom you know for years but who is at the same time a movie star. There was and still is something special about her, I think it is the pure innocence of the soul that is written on her face, or maybe I just felt a soul mate when I saw her. I was really amazed to read about the reasons why she has started her carrier as a movie star. By reading how lonely she felt and at the same time how crazy she was, I realize that we do have a lot in common, although I wish I was much simpler, I guess this way my life would have been much easier and happier. Anyway I wish lots of luck to Marion, and I do hope that I will see her in more movies.

  3. Laurel says:

    I think there is something mystique in this young girl, as she performs mostly in the comedy genre movies, and I should say that her acting is really good, but at the same time there is a lot of sadness in her eyes. I guess this is the mystery that belongs to her only, and who knows maybe this is her special feature why all the movie producers like her. She was awesome in the movie “Good Year” where she performed with Russell Crowe, I was hoping so much that after that movie they will start a relationship together as I do love both of them equally, but unfortunately that never happened, probably Marion was too reserved and too complicate for Russell, as I cannot believe that he never tried hitting up on her. He loves women and their beauty too much in order to be able to resist her.

  4. Sidney says:

    I am wondering is Marion Cottilard married. She is always so reserved and distant in all of the movies there she performs that it is definitely very hard to realize whether she has that one special person in her life or not. From one point of view I really respect and admire her for the fact that she is not showing off her personal life to everyone, but from the other side, the curious part of me would really like to know more about her, as she is always such a huge secret. If comparing her to the Hollywood actresses than I would probably choose Jessica Alba, they are very alike even from the physical point of view, though there is some more information known about Jessica. I guess it is the matter of spiritual condition, if a person is happy than there is nothing to hide, and the happiness is totally exposed to everyone, while if the person is not very happy or satisfied with the way life goes, than it is easier to keep everything as a secret, as otherwise people will know that there is no much to tell.