Matt Damon: I’ll return to New York if we become targets of paparazzi in L.A.

Matt-Damon-011213sp Earlier, Matt Damon announced that he and his family are moving from New York to Los Angeles. He will live on the same street as his friend Ben Affleck so their kids can grow up together.

However, after talking to Affleck, who told him that paparazzi are following his wife Jennifer Garner and kids all the time, Matt says that if the same happens to him he will just pack his bags and return to New York with his family.

MattDamon-Famiy1-092412-jpg_194759Damon said: “There are always five to six cars sitting outside Ben and Jennifer’s driveway. These people’s full-time job is to shoot Jennifer because she moves magazines in the Midwest. Ben explained it to me one night: ‘You’ve never heard of any of these magazines. Women are interested in her as a mother. They want to know what she’s up to, what she’s dressing the kids in and that completely changes everything for them. These people are literally assigned. They’re happy to sit there all day long. You can’t outwait them because their job is to follow you.’ I don’t think it’ll get bad for us, but, if it does, I’ll turn around and go home!”

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