Matthew Mcconaughey: Oscar has changed my life


Winning an Oscar for his role in Dallas Buyers Club has been a life-changing experience for Matthew Mcconaughey.

For years, the actor was known as the rom-com king, but thanks to the Best Actor Oscar award he is now receiving more offers and has more choices.

He told “People respond ‘yes’ to Rsvps more often and more quickly. What has really changed is that I am getting more scripts, I’ve got more choices which is great coming off of that. If anything it’s giving me more opportunities, more things to choose from, which I’m embracing.

“And in the middle of getting much more, I can more easily now personally ask myself ‘What do I want to do that turns me on? What experience am I going to get out of it?’

“So yeah I am getting a lot of things… Good stuff. I’m still looking for things that scare me a little bit.”


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2 responses to “Matthew Mcconaughey: Oscar has changed my life”

  1. James says:

    He puts so much effort and invests so much time into each role he commits too. Bravo to him, what a humble guy. However, hope he is keeping healthy, losing so much weight surely can’t be good for his future…

  2. Mimi says:

    His looks really suffered though, with that extreme weight loss¿ his hair thinned [though in these photos it looks like he has a perm], his skin lost elasticity and his face is still gaunt¿ when people around the world suffer from famine, it’s treated as a serious medical problem and a great effort is made to supply nutrients and remedial care to help people regain health. Hollywood treats it like it’s nothing. I’ve been watching him in True Detective, and he’s very thin. He must have been in the weight loss process, or the aftermath. I don’t know when it was filmed. But¿ he’s terrific in the show and it’s worth watching, even if a bit painful to see such a formerly healthy and robust man look so gaunt.