Matthew McConaughey Praises Reese Witherspoon’s Honesty

image2_1363446070 Reese Witherspoon’s recent arrest in Atlanta caused quite a stir. The actress was charged with disorderly conduct and subsequently released a statement insisting she felt “deeply embarrassed” by her actions. People are mostly shocked by the incident but her Mud co-star Matthew McConaughey applauded her for being so brave to talk about the arrest.

He told Access Hollywood: “I’m happy to see that she seems to be the kind of woman that would do just what she did (speak out about her arrest). Come out and be forthright about it. Look at it in the eye and be forthright.”cn_image.size.mud-movie-reese-witherspoon-matthew-mcconaughey

Matthew also spoke about the challenges of being in the spotlight and dealing with it. He said: “You’re in the fish bowl, you know? It could be a feeling like you’re the subject of the universe and that can be intimidating, and you just have to work harder to get the solace of asking yourself how you feel about a situation when the spotlight’s really on you like that, and that’s the challenge of being in the spotlight.”

The premiere of Mud was on April 22 and it hits theaters this Friday (April 26).

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