Matthew Perry: Tabloids helped me overcome drinking problem

showbiz-matthew-perry Although stars don’t really like tabloids, in Matthew Perry‘s case they proved quite helpful. The actor admits that tabloids actually helped him overcome his drinking problem.

Matthew was struggling with substance abuse issues several years ago and his problems became public news. The media coverage used to annoy the actor at the time but it eventually made him go to rehab and clean up. Because of the tabloids bartenders actually refused to serve him.

He told ABC News: “It actually ultimately helped me because I couldn’t just walk into a bar and ask for a drink. Everybody in the bar would go, ‘You can’t do that! I just read that you can’t do that! I can’t give you a drink, you can’t drink.” Matthew is sober now and even helping other addicts. “I honestly recoil when I see pictures of myself from that time… It’s scary to look at. I was a sick guy,” he said.

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