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Chris Urena What are Dominican? The most interesting information about Dominican women. Meet the best celebrities online.

It’s not a secret that Dominican women are very pretty. Many of them really make a man’s heart beat faster. Many Dominican women have very beautiful eyes and know how to charm a man. But the Dominican women have not just beautiful eyes. The features of their face are very pleasant, often very sweet and gentle.

The mixture of blood, white and black (Negro slaves from Africa, imported by the Spaniards to work on plantations, mines) and white with a swarthy (local population, Indians, who lived here before the arrival of the Spaniards) gave an excellent result. Who doubts this, come to the Dominican Republic and see for yourself. No wonder that the Europeans prefer to start relationship with Dominican women. Many Europeans, the same Russians, prefer to live with Dominicans, and not with their compatriots. Many couples who come here, leave here. Men can not resist enchanting and super-accessible Dominicans.

Many Dominican women celebrities are black, but there are also light-skinned. Mostly, dark-skinned beauties predominate, while black skin does not always mean black, especially in the Dominican Republic. The skin color of Dominican women varies from black (minority) to brown, light brown (mulattoes make up the bulk of the population of the Dominican Republic). It’s possible to say that, in all likelihood, skin color is not the last place in that foreigners, especially Europeans, are attracted to Dominican women. And this is not surprising, since the overwhelming majority of the European population, especially the population of central, northern and eastern Europe, has a white skin color. People with a different skin color remain exotic, a rarity, and what is rare, always causes increased interest.

Among the most popular Dominican women 2018 you can find Chris Urena / born September 4, 1991) is a Dominican-American model. Her first major contract was with Victoria’s Secret. Melody Jimenez (born 1990) is a Dominican model and winner of beauty contests. She has Dominican roots along the maternal line. “Miss Balearic Islands 2008”, finalist of the Miss Spain 2009 contest, where she was selected as a representative for the Reina Hispano-American 2009 competition, becoming 2-Vice Miss, as well as the winner of the Miss Dominican Republic International 2012 contest.

Melody Jimenez

Melody Jimenez

Dominican women, usually are long-haired, especially young girls. These girls are more charming, delicate, often refined. They are not very tall. Large buttocks – is a distinctive feature of Dominican women. It’s not just that they eat a lot, but because of the genetic factor. And yet a large belly, well-fed buttocks and large breasts are a characteristic sign of the appearance of many Dominican women. Whatever you say, the other culture clearly gives rise to other preferences, including those related to female beauty.

In general, the Dominican women leave a pleasant impression of themselves, and not only thanks to external data. The external attractiveness is good, but the inner one is even better.



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