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Malaysia is located in South-East Asia and is divided into two parts by the South China Sea. Malaysia is a relatively attractive country for tourism, as it has many national parks, clean beaches and cities with traditional and modern architecture. Malaysia is an extremely multinational country: there are only half the local population here, the rest are Chinese, Indians, Filipinos and many others. Islam has the status of state religion, but because of the diverse ethnic composition of the population, Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism are also common in Malaysia. Malaysia is famous for its dark complexion, radiant smiles and almond-shaped eyes.

Current authority struggles to expand the rights and freedoms of Malaysian women, that’s why education is the most important for the prosperity of society and the successful struggle for women’s rights in any, even traditionally patriarchal country. Most of the Malaysian women are very modest, the image of a modern Malaysian lady assumes a neat haircut and freshly washed of hair. Bright colors like ultraviolet, ripe cherries or etched white, as well as obvious fleece show a lack of taste and backwardness of views.

Malaysia is a Muslim country, it is very patriarchal. Malaysian men want to be leaders. Malaysia is governed by two laws: civil law exists for everyone, and for Muslims there is also a religious law. Within its framework, women have an established position, within it there are traditions, but also prejudices. Traditionally, it is assumed that the woman’s place is in the kitchen.

But not all women are like that. Some of them became world-known and are popular all over the world. We would like to present the list of the most beautiful Malaysian female celebrities that includes famous models, beauty contest winners, actresses with Malaysian roots, as well as living in Malaysia or abroad.

Carie Ng

Carie Ng

Carie Ng – is Miss Malaysia 2013, Miss Universe 2013. This woman enjoys immense popularity regularly heads not only financial, but also beauty ratings due to her pretty appearance. According to Carie Ng, she does not make special efforts to look perfect, and the main secret of her shining appearance is optimism.

Diana Danielle (born November 22, 1991) is a Malaysian actress. She was named “the first love of the nation” for her beauty and talent, confirming this title in social networks: Diana Danielle became the first Malaysian actress, Twitter-page which counted two million followers. Diana Danielle believes that the secret of her beauty is in competent cleansing of the skin. To do this, she uses the so-called “424” system or a dual purification system. To begin with, Diana Danielle puts on the face of natural oil and massages the skin for five minutes. After this, the excess oil is washed off with foam, spending at least two minutes. Finally, the last step is to rinse face with cold water to narrow the pores. She does not recommend wiping face with a towel, advising you to wait a bit and pat your face with the palms so that the water absorbs.

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