Meet Slovakian Women – Beautiful Celebrities 2018

Meet Slovakian Women – Beautiful Celebrities 2018-min List of the famous Slovakian women. Discover the most popular and most beautiful girls from Slovakia.

Slovakia is located in Central Europe. Its capital, Bratislava, borders at once with two other European countries – Austria and Hungary. Slovakia occupies the second place in terms of forest resources after Austria, as almost half of the country is covered with forests. In Slovakia, there are many castles and fortresses. The Slovak language is usually called “Slavic Esperanto” since all Slavs will understand this language without any problems. Slovakia is a fairly religious country; 67% are Catholics; the second largest group – Protestants, Greek Catholics (4%) and Orthodox (1%).

Slovakians are distinguished by a special attitude towards family and children, therefore Slovakian women are very sensual, responsible, loving and sincere. Slovakian families are patriarchal, this is reinforced by modern law. A woman takes not only a new surname, but her husband’s name, thus emphasizing that a woman becomes an integral part of her husband. And the Slovakian wife in many ways tries to follow this tradition. Hungarian women always argue that her husband is the most intelligent, successful, caring, kind and hardworking. But in the house the wife is the main thing – she creates comfort in the house, directs the inner life of the family and the household, educates the children.

Kristína Krajčírová

Kristína Krajčírová

Hungarian housewives cook traditional Hungarian dishes, and the most characteristic of them is goulash. Goulash is a thick soup seasoned with ground red pepper and onions, with pieces of beef and potato cubes. To “soften” the taste in heavy meals, in particular, and in goulash, add sour cream; this dish is called paprika. Chicken paprika are eaten with a garnish of small dumplings. Hungarian hostesses also like to cook fish soup “fish-paprika” – a rich dish of several varieties of boiled fish, tomatoes and green and red peppers, thick soups made of cabbage leaves, into which various fillings, various products made from salted or sweet dough wrapped and much other. Hungarian cuisine is very diverse and women are happy to pamper their relatives with pleasure

Slovakian women: top 15 most beautiful photos of girls from Slovakia

Top the most beautiful Slovakian celebrities include famous models, beauty contest winners, actresses with Slovak roots, as well as living in Slovakia or abroad. If you study the photos of the most famous Slovakian beauties, you can see how much the actresses of the country are attracted by their individuality, their own manner of smiling, talking, expressing emotions in front of the camera.

Gabriela Marcinková

Gabriela Marcinková

  • Kristína Krajčírová (born 1992, Bratislava) – Miss Slovakia 2012, represented Slovakia at the Miss World 2012.
  • Gabriela Marcinková (born April 2, 1988, Presov, Czechoslovakia) is a Slovak actress. Films with her participation: Kaleidoscope of Love (2012), Byzantium (2012), TV series Move (2012).
  • Kyla Cole; real name of Martin Yatsov / Martina Jacová (born November 10, 1978, Presov, Czechoslovakia) – a Slovak fashion model, actress, TV presenter.
  • Zuzana Gregorova (born August 14, 1989 in Bratislava) is a Slovakian model. She started her career in 2006, advertised fashion brands Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana, starred for covers of the magazines Marie Claire and Vogue, as well as L’Officiel and Revue de Modes.


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