Megan Fox was ‘on the verge of vomiting’ while filming ‘Ninja Turtles’


Two months after giving birth to her second son, Bodhi, Megan Fox appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, looking gorgeous.

She showed off a picture of the new baby as well as photos of her older son Noah, who is 19 months.

“The first time I was here I was pregnant, and no one knew it,” the actress said. “Then the second time I just had my baby. But I got pregnant again so you’re sort of like a fertility good luck charm.”

“Ah, yes. My show is an aphrodisiac,” Ellen jokingly replied

“They’re two years apart?” the talk show host asked about her children. “Not even,” Fox said. “They’re 16 months apart.”


Megan also admitted that neither pregnancy was planned and her second one almost became a problem when she started filming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

“I got pregnant with Bodhi two weeks into filming Ninja Turtles, which is an action movie and requires a lot of running and jumping and stunts… anybody who’s been pregnant knows your first trimester can be pretty rough and you’re nauseous all day long,” Fox said.

“So I spent the whole shoot – basically, the producers would come see me in the morning in the makeup trailer and I’d be clinging to a box of Saltines and we kept pickles in the refrigerator for me and I was just constantly on the verge of vomiting.”


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One response to “Megan Fox was ‘on the verge of vomiting’ while filming ‘Ninja Turtles’”

  1. Monica says:

    Megan Fox looks a very happy and her family and I wish her more kids and forces to raise and educate all of them and be an example for them its I easy to be a good mom when the good father is by your side. Much love, health and happiness to the family!