Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones to renew vows

Michael-Douglas_2617010b It seems that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have managed to overcome their marriage crisis. They are reportedly planning to renew their wedding vows and are thinking about doing it September 25, their shared birthday.

The couple announced their separation last August after 14 years together. However, they got back together later in the year and now want to celebrate reunion by renewing the vows.

A source said: ”Michael and Catherine have been through a lot together over the last few months. They would love to renew their wedding vows and have thought about doing it on their shared birthday, 25 September.”

The couple, who have two children together, went to marriage counseling to work on their relationship. ”Counseling has been a massive help for Catherine and Michael. They’ve been working on different ways to express feelings – including daily journals,” the insider added. ”They only show them to each other if things get bad – it’s a way of giving them an outlet.”


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5 responses to “Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones to renew vows”

  1. Anabel says:

    I am very happy to read this news. The couple is simply amazing! Due to their age difference the couple is very strong, beautiful and harmonious it was said to read they split last year, but what a great news the couple is going to exchange new wedding wows on their shared birthday! Wow! Congratulations! This is simply so romantic!

  2. Mariah says:

    Michael and Catherine, congratulations! I am very happy to see you together again! I am happy that after 14 years of marriage your ties are still strong and I am happy you are overcoming the problems that once arouse on your life way. You look just great together and are definitely a wonderful couple. I wish you only all the best and great deep love and respect to each other till the rest of your life.

  3. Trish says:

    I guess rich people really do a lot of crazy stuff, like renewing the vows, what for, if they already live with each other for forteen years, of course they know every single thing about each other, and I am sure that if Katherine and Michael would renew the vows that would not really change anything between them, I mean they will not start behaving better or worse towards each other, they would just be same as they were before. Probably this al thing about renewing is simply because they are all bored now while being together, that happens if two people know each other for too many years. Actually I do love their couple as no matter how hard the times were in their life, they still managed to stay together and were supporting each other in everything. I know Michael have gone through cancer and that it was a very difficult moment in his life, and I am proud of Katherine as well as of the fact that she didn’t simply was by his side when he was sick, but also helped him to go through all that nightmare, and practically was that person due to who Michael Douglas had the power to face and fight cancer.

  4. Oliva says:

    There are a very few couples in Holly wood whom I would be able to respect that much as I respect Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas. The age difference between them is huge, but still they truly, madly and deeply love each other, same as they loved each other in the day when they first took a glance into each other’s eyes. Bad people would say that Catherine Zeta Jones is with Michael Douglas due to the fact that he is rich and has a lot of influence, but it is not true as she was a very successful actress by the time she met him. So I really doubt that she ever wanted anything else from Michael Douglas besides his love and just simple presence in her life. In fact I do believe that woman who doesn’t love the man she is being with would never allow herself having children from that man, as it would mean that she is stick to him for much longer time than she was expecting, and that now the whole separation process would be much more difficult than she was imagining, which is also not very good.

  5. Tanya says:

    I guess Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are one of the strongest couples in Hollywood, those two really do love each other if after everything that they gone through they are still together and love each other not less than the day they met. I never thought before of the fact that Catherine who was a very successful and gorgeous actress has almost closed her entire carrier for the sake of her husband and children. I guess she deserves a “wow” from me, and not even one wow, but a few of them in a row. I respect them for staying together, as being together no matter all the rumors, articles and so on in Hollywood is much more difficult than in real life, as there are too many temptations that are waiting for them on each day passing, and that is the main reason why a lot of actors are getting divorced, no matter how huge their love was when they were committing to each other. Only the strongest and purest love is able to resist all of the temptations, and of course the mutual understanding and forgiveness are also playing their role.