Michael Fassbender flattered by sexiest movie star poll

michael_fassbender_673347 In a recent Empire Online poll of the 100 Sexiest Movie Stars Michael Fassbender has been named the eight sexiest male movie star in the world.

The actor was honored to be placed ahead of Hugh Jackman, who ranked ninth, and Bradley Cooper, who came tenth.

Michael told E! News: ”They’re wonderful guys and very handsome, so thank you for packaging me together with them.” Michael was beaten by British star Benedict Cumberbatch, who came first, followed by Tom Hiddleston and Henry CavillRyan Gosling took fourth place, with Robert Downey Jr. in fifth, Chris Hemsworth in sixth, and Robert Pattinson in seventh.

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One response to “Michael Fassbender flattered by sexiest movie star poll”

  1. Kim says:

    I do to find him hot! Just not to my liking. Though I cannot deny the fact that Michael Fassbender is a professional actor and well-groomed and good-looking man. Tastes just differ!