Michael Shannon flabbergasted to be offered ‘Man of Steel’ role

Michael+Shannon+yR3VROwTkIim Michael Shannon reveals that he was thunderstruck when he was offered a role in the new Superman movie. The actor plays General Zod in Man of Steel and he took the part without even seeing the script.

He told Daily Telegraph: ”When I got a call from director Zack Snyder saying, ‘Come to my house in Pasadena, I want to pitch you ‘Man of Steel’, I was a little flabbergasted. I wasn’t aware that I was in that club. I didn’t think anything like that would ever fall in my lap. So I went out there, and he didn’t show me the script but he basically pitched the entire film.”

Michael Shannon as General Zod in Man Of SteelMichael recently spoke about how he never thought he would be working on a movie like that and said it would have been impossible to turn down the role. ”I can’t fathom how people would say no to ‘Man of Steel’. I thought they were pulling my leg… Then I got on set, and realized they were serious. I had no qualms about doing it. I loved it. When I started acting, I never thought I would be in a Superman movie so it’s pretty neat. I did some big blockbusters before, but never this prominent a role,” he said.

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