Michael Weatherly Talks Baby Names

michael-weatherly-annual-red-cross-red-tie-affair-02 Last week Michael Weatherly announced that his wife Bojana Jankovic is pregnant with their second child and now he reveals that they are already thinking about the possible name for the baby. The actor talked with US Weekly at the Fairmont hotel in Santa Monica where he attended the Red Cross Red Tie Affair.

“I’m showing a little bit. There are many names being discussed. Some are very controversial,” Michael said. The NCIS star told the site that he didn’t know the child’s love yet, adding: “We have some Serbian names and some Irish names. Her heritage is Serbian, mine is Irish. I thought that it might be fun.” jankovic-weatherly-tv-guide-hot-list-party-02

Of course, he didn’t reveal the whole list of possible names but he did discuss one of them: “I liked the name Veronica, just because there’s an Elvis Costello song, but I don’t know if Veronica is going to make it.” He explained: “I think Veronica Weatherly sounded a little bit like she might be a nightmare, you know what I mean?”

Michael and Bojana already have one child together –a one-year-old daughter Olivia. The actor also has a son August Manning Weatherly (17) from his previous marriage with Amelia Heinle.

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