Michelle Pfeiffer would consider minimal plastic surgery

michelle_pfeiffer_the_family_premiere Speaking to The Times, Michelle Pfeiffer has revealed that she is open to the idea of having some minor plastic surgery.

The actress claims she is happy with the way she looks but wouldn’t mind having some minimal cosmetic procedures done.

She said: ”It’s OK that I don’t look 30 or 40 anymore. It’s OK with me, it’s enough for me. Would I like to look 30 or 40? Well, yeah! But, you know? We all get here eventually. If I thought it would look better, I would have plastic surgery. I’m all about, ‘Do it so you can’t tell it’s been done.’ You know what? I’m good with that. But I think people just want more and more until eventually that strange body dysmorphia happens.”

michelleMichelle also made comments about the pressure to look youthful in Hollywood. Being a 55-year-old woman, she admits it can be tough to watch yourself age on screen.

”There’s so much pressure to stay young in Hollywood. And one of the things about being on the other side of the hump is that it isn’t easy to watch yourself age on screen. It’s not natural and nobody should have to do that,” Pfeiffer added.

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One response to “Michelle Pfeiffer would consider minimal plastic surgery”

  1. Irene says:

    Michelle is a beautiful and charming woman and a brilliant Hollywood actress. She looks great for her age. Yes, this can be not a pleasant thing to see you aging on screen, but this is the truth of life – we all get old. I wish I would look the same as Michelle when I get to 55 year old line. I also support her opinion about minimal plastic surgery corrections of the face.