Michelle Pfeiffer

“You know, my daughter, enough of this nonsense. I already know who you will become: an exhausted housewife with a bunch of kids “- Michelle Pfeiffer said her father, when she told him that she wanted to become an actress. However, she insisted – and has not lost.

Michelle Pfeiffer, no matter how corny it sounds one of the most mysterious and extraordinary actresses in Hollywood. Her name was French, the name – a German, and she lives in general in Spain. Once a flight attendant would not let her in first class airplane, because it does not recognize a woman dressed in a baggy sweatshirt. At the same time, Time’s named her “the most stunning woman of our time.” Michelle enjoys almost no makeup and looks terrific. All questions about her personal life she rejects, she is sometimes prickly and sometimes romantic, but sometimes harsh and sometimes mild.
Hard to believe, knowing how brilliant she is as an actress and beautiful as a woman, that Pfeiffer did not give the appearance value simply because she rarely looks in the mirror. Michelle never liked mirrors. Since childhood, she was attached to her mother, a home child, suffered many complexes – mainly exterior parts.
Pfeiffer was born in a simple American family near Los Angeles. Michelle thought about herself as ugly, and even the fact that in love with her the most beautiful boy in school. She was often ill and missed school, relationships with classmates established very difficult. Michelle felt that she had a nasty “duck” smile, and tried to smile less.
Already becoming an actress, she met with former classmate who looked amazing, and again fell into the abyss of their own complexes. As a child, Pfeiffer terribly frightened by the prospect of becoming a housewife, and she tried to accustom her to working since the age of 12: she was looking for a way to make money on entertainment. After school, she went to college to learn from the court reporter – so she imagined herself a real independent woman, but studied there only a year, fleeing … to the supermarket to the post cashier. She served customers, and swore her unfair share. This continued for several years until a friend just does not forcibly dragged Michelle at a beauty contest, and Pfeiffer, with curled in the latest fashion the 1970 shock of reddish hair, has become «Miss Count Orange», unfortunately, not getting to the title of “Miss Los Angeles” .
After such a resounding success, Yes, and it would look pretty strange, because Michelle is not left out of attention: she was showered with offers to star in commercials and on TV, that she took during her career. Now Michelle Pfeiffer, as Geena Davis, famous for her selectivity: no director could get an agreement with her no matter how hard they tried. Unfortunately time passed fast and she had to play the sole roles that were given. After several years spent in small parts, she acquired a role of mistress of the hero Al Pacino in the movie “Scarface”, the role was simple, but Pfeiffer did a little celebration. Sam De Palma sang her praises, but Michelle was so nervous and worried that initially they took her for a drug addict. The picture “The Witches of East wick” ultimately strengthened the glory of the actress, and then she got the privilege of choosing roles.



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