Mike Myers to receive stamp honour in Canada


His native Canada will honor Mike Myers with his own postage stamp. The Canadian government is issuing the 85 cent stamp with the comedian on it and it will debut this summer.

The actor said: “I can’t believe it… It’s unbelievably flattering. I just wanna thank whoever in the Canadian government decided to put this idiot on a stamp.”

Myers is truly honored, but his mother doesn’t seem to be very impressed.

He explains, “My parents are from Liverpool… and if Liverpool had an unofficial motto, it’d be, ‘Who do you think you are?’.

mike-myers“So I called and I said, ‘Hey mum, the Canadian government is issuing a stamp with my face on it,’ and she was like, ‘Um, is anyone else getting a stamp?’ I said, ‘No…’ and she said, ‘What denomination is it?’. I said, ‘I don’t know, 20 cents?’. (She replied), ‘Twenty cents?’ I go, ‘Is that bad?’

“She literally said, ‘Is it legal tender?’. I’m sure if you got enough Mike Myers stamps you could buy a car… But I’m on a stamp! She said, ‘Do you not know anyone else who is on a stamp?’ I go, ‘Yeah, one other person – Her Majesty the Queen!'”

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