Miley Cyrus Can Smell Bulls**t a Mile Away

miley_cyrus_620319 At the age of 13 Miley Cyrus became very popular and she had to learn how to spot fake friends. People have always tried to get close to her just because of her money and fame but she doesn’t get fooled that easy. She said: ”We’ve always had money and fame. People who grew up without either can get more of a culture shock and go the wrong way. ‘Oh my God, I have all this money. How can I spend it? All these people will like me because I’m famous.’ I’ve always had people trying to be my friend for the wrong reasons. I’m used to it. I can smell bulls**t a mile away.”

MOVIE PREMIEREMiley says her parents never worried too much and they always supported her acting career. ”Billy wasn’t worried about me going crazy. My dad wasn’t like that and my parents trust us and know us. I was just a baby. I had no teeth, no boobs. I was a little girl. It’s crazy that a decision you make when you’re a kid can affect your whole life – that someone would trust a child with her own future. It was just lucky that I managed I was able to love it and turn it around.”

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