Mischa Barton Doesn’t Do Fad Diet

The Launch Of The Seventh Annual BritWeek Festival "A Salute To Old Hollywood" - Arrivals Mischa Barton says that she doesn’t follow fad diet in order to stay slim and fit. The actress claims she has never tried that but she loves juice diets because of all the nutrients and energy they give her. She said: ”I’ve never been on a fad diet, but I’ve been juicing for years and I love it. Juice gives me energy and fills me up when I don’t have time to eat other things. You get so many nutrients so quickly out of it. I strongly believe in those things, like the health benefits of juicing with cayenne pepper.”

In an interview with Look magazine Misha spoke about having difficulties to keep her weight from fluctuating when she is working. She explained: ”Before a project, I usually take a couple of weeks to really get in shape and start getting fit. Once I start working, I have 6am call times and won’t finish until 11pm so going to the gym before or afterwards is difficult.”mischa-barton-pic-rex-573218497

However, the 27-year-old actress admits she loves bacon so much she just can’t resist it. ”My biggest food weakness is bacon. I once dated a vegetarian and turned him into a meat eater. It’s bacon that gets me every time, as soon as I see someone eating it.”

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