Molly Ringwald Against Glamorizing Teen Pregnancy

molly-ringwald Molly Ringwald expressed concerns over the teen pregnancy projects she participated in. Back in 1988 she starred in a movie For Keeps? where she played a pregnant high school girl and in TV series The Secret Life of the American Teenager Molly played mother of a pregnant teen. Today she feels that those projects were not as realistic as she had expected and she is worried that they may have sent the wrong message.

“I feel like For Keeps? glamorized teen pregnancy. And the original script that I’d agreed to do did not. But whenever you do a movie, whenever you do anything, it’s a collaborative effort, and sometimes the script that you agree to do turns into something else. And so I was very unhappy about that,” the actress told New York Magazine.PHtmyAxtKMyuxw_1_m

“And then I did this series (The Secret Life of the American Teenager), and in the beginning I didn’t feel like the series glamorized teen pregnancy, but then I felt like it ended up doing the same thing. So I feel like I have yet to be involved in a project that shows what it’s really like to be a teen mother. They always seem to end up glamorizing it.”

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