Morgan Freeman – a beekeeper

morgan-freeman Morgan Freeman has a new hobby – he’s becoming a beekeeper because he realizes the importance of these insects and wants to help saving them from possible extinction.

The actor currently has 26 bee hives on his Mississippi estate.

He said: “I just received, two weeks ago, 26 hives of bees, so I’m very busy… I’m beekeeping… There’s a concerted effort to bring bees back onto the planet… We do not realize that they are the foundation, I think, of the growth of the planet, the vegetation.

“I have so many flowering things and I have a gardener too. Because she takes care of the bees too, all she does is figure out, ‘Ok, what would they like to have?’, so we’ve got acres and acres of clover, we’re planting stuff like lavender, I’ve got like, maybe 140 magnolia trees, big blossoms.They haven’t (stung me) yet, because right now I’m not trying to harvest honey or anything, I’m just feeding them.”

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