Most highly paid actors in Hollywood

Most highly paid actors in Hollywood According to the Forbes magazine, each year are published the lists of the most successful actors, who’s work became the most highly paid in the entire Hollywood. This rating is based mostly on the honorary of the actors from the movies they perform in, as well as the advance payments the actors get for their participation in various projects and advertisings.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne JohnsonThe former wrestler Dwayne (Rock) Johnson is on the first place of the rating, as he has earned, seventy six millions of dollars, and earned the reputation of the sequels savior. In 2011 like for example he has helped the fifth part of the “Fast and Furious” movie to become the most profitable one, and also the success of the movie “The trip to the Earth Center 2” belongs to him. In the year 2000 he published the book “The Rock Says” which he wrote with the co author Joe Laden, which debut on the first place in the list of the bestsellers in the country. In 2001 he started his carrier in the cinema, and in 2002 he entered the world Guinness book as the highest honorary (5, 5 millions of dollars) for the first main role in the carrier. Dwayne got married the next day after he turned twenty five years old with Dany Garcia in May 1997. In August 2001 was born their daughter Simone Alexandra.  His daughter is passionate by the performing art, and is dreaming to become an actress just like her daddy one day. In July 2007, the couple announced that they will not live together anymore, but remain very good friends. It is a fact that Dwayne Johnson is a very good friend of the ex governor of the California state Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.On the second place is the actor Robert Downey Jr. who earned sixty four millions of dollars for his work in the year. There are not many people who know that he had a lot of problems in his carrier due to the fact that he was addicted to drugs, and it is awful the fact that he was introduced to drugs by his own father by the age of eight years old. Due to this addiction he divorced his first wife, the model and singer Deborah Falconer, with who he has a son- Indio Falconer Downey who was born in 1993. The breakthrough moment in Robert’s life was in the moment when he lost everything, his family, job (all the contracts he had were cancelled due to his addiction to drugs), and it seemed that his life was over, but he met the producer Susan Levin on the filming of the thriller “Gothic” where he performed with Halle Berry and Penelope Cruz. Robert went through one more curing stage at the clinics, and as soon as he finished it, he proposed Susan, as his love towards her made him wish finishing with all the bad stuff he was doing before. In 2005 they married, and in 2011 they announced that they are expecting for a child, who was born in February 2012. According to Susan, Robert is the best husband and father in the world, and she feels lucky to meet him.

Channing Tatum

Channing TatumThe third place goes to Channing Tatum, with the earning of sixty millions of dollars in the past year. He started his carrier as a model, and became popular do it. After it Channing was invited to participate in Ricky Martin’s music video, where he was supposed to dance, for this work he earned four hundred dollars, and comparing to his honorary today it is nothing, but for him in was a huge breakthrough, as he was noticed by the producers, this way his carrier as a model and a dancer has evolved into something greater he got the chance to become an actor. That is the kind of chance that a person gets only once per lifetime, and he did not lose it. He worked hard in order to have everything that he has today. He first appeared on the television in 2004, in a supporting role in a TV show. After it he was invited to perform the main role in the movie “Step Up”, which made him famous, and a very happy person, as due to this movie he met Jenna Dewan, who was his partner in the movie, and who stolen his heart for good. They started a relationship in 2006, in 2008 on Maui Tatum has proposed her, and she said “yes”. In July 2009 they got married in Malibu, and two years later in the capital of Great Britain, was born their daughter Everly.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh JackmanThe forth place is proudly held by the man who can dance, and drive women crazy by throwing only one single look at them, by Hugh Jackman, and his earn was fifty five millions of dollars. Hugh grew up being a very artistic boy, even the fact that he was writing with his left hand was speaking about it. He became famous after performing the role of the wolverine in the movie “X Men”, and it is interesting the fact that in this movie he was lifting weights without the help of the stuntman, the weight he was lifting was equal to almost three hundred of pounds. In real life he practices transcendental medicine and he is for the healthy life that is why he never smokes or drinks alcohol. Besides being a very talented actor he is also a very talented musician, he plays the piano, guitar and the violin. Hugh is the only theatre actor, who during the entire Broadway history got all of the main theatre awards during one season, for the role in the “Boy from Oz”- especially considering the fact that this role was his debut on Broadway. In December 2012, he was honored with his own star in the Hollywood walk of Fame. This event he has celebrated while being surrounded with his wife Deborah, two of their children, and some of his fans.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark WahlbergThe fifth honorable place belongs to the actor who became famous performing mostly in the action movies- Mark Wahlberg, with the annual earn of fifty one million of dollars. Mark is an exemplary father and husband right now, but by the times when he was a teenager his behavior was not that good, as he was messing with the law a lot, and by the age of thirteen also had major problems with addiction to drugs. After finally getting into jail he learned the lesson, and realized that this is the place he never wants to come back to, that is why he was released in forty five days instead of spending there two years as he was sentenced. He started his carrier as a hip hop singer, in his songs he was able to express all of his feelings and the aggression that he had, without using physical force. Later he became popular for his modeling work, mostly for Calvin Klein, where he was noticed and invited to perform a role in a movie, that is how he became popular. The actor is married with the mode Rhea Durham since 2009, and together they have four children, two sons and two daughters. In May 2001, the actor has opened his own charity foundation aimed to help the young talented people, from simple families, who want to be actors, making their dream true.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio3The sixth place belongs to the super talented actor, who’s each work is a genuine masterpiece- to Leonardo DiCaprio who earned thirty eight millions of dollars in the last year. He is not only one of the most talented actors in the world, but also is the person who is loved by all the women in the universe, as a result his private life is being highly underlined in the media. In ninety’s Leonardo was dating with the Danish model Helena Christensen, since the year 2000 till 2005 he was in a relationship with the Brazilian model Giselle Bundchen, since 2006 till 2009 he was dating with the Israeli model Bar Refaeli. In March 2010 DiCaprio and Refaeli have officially announced of the breakup in their relationship, and since summer of the same year they started the relationship all over and planned of getting married, but in May 2011 was published the news that they officially broke up for good. Later Leo was dating with the actress Blake Lively, but they broke up being some very good friends. In May 2013 the actor began dating with the Dutch model Toni Garrn. DiCaprio owns a house in Los Angeles and an apartment in Manhattan. In 2009 the actor bought an island near Belize where he plans to build an ecological resort.

Adam Sandler

Adam SandlerAdam Sandler is one of the world’s best comedians; he is placed on the seventh place with the honorary of thirty eight millions of dollars. Adam was born in Brooklyn, New York, but his grandfather was originally from Ukraine, after the emigration to the USA at the beginning of the Second World War and married an American while taking also her last name. Adam’s parents were a teacher in the school Judy and an electrician Stanley. His family moved to New Hampshire when he was five years old, there in the local school he noticed his own talent of making people laugh at his jokes, that is why when he was studying in the New York University ne was often using this talent while performing in clubs or in the campus. He finished his studying in 1991, his obvious talent of a comedian couldn’t be not noticed by the producers, that is how he got his first roles in the comedy movies.  In 2003, Adam married with the model and actress Jackie Titone, who appeared in a few movies together with Adam. Their wedding was on the ocean’s coast, and in the list of the invited people were such celebrities like: Jennifer Aniston, Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Osbourne and Rob Snider. In May 2006 Sandler’s first daughter was born, they named her Sadie Madison, and in November 2008 in the family of Jackie and Adam were born their second daughter Sunny Madeline.

Tom Cruise

Tom CruiseTom Cruise after getting divorced with his lovely wife Katie Holmes started working in a few projects at the same time that is probably why he earned thirty five millions honorary and the eighth place in our rating. The reason why his marriage has collapsed was the fact that Cruise got too much into his addiction with the scientology that has affected his relationship with wife, as well as in the entire family. The other problem is that due to this addiction of his, he has lost a lot of fans also. Tom became popular due to his role in the “Top Gun” movie, that was the time when he met his first wife Mimi Rogers, they got married in 1987 and were very happy, but divorced in 1990 due to the fact that Tom got in love with the young actress Nicole Kidman whom he married same year and as soon as he got the divorce from Mimi. Their marriage with Nicole lasted till 2001, and collapsed due to the fact that they could not have their own children, and even the adoption of two children a daughter and a son, didn’t help their marriage. In 2006 Tom married Katie Holmes, who was much younger than he and who bore him a daughter Suri in 2006. Unfortunately their marriage also collapsed in 2012, due to Tom’s addiction to scientology, and probably their huge age difference.

Ben Stiller

Ben StillerBen Stiller is the comedian placed on the ninth place with the honorary of thirty three millions of dollars, and the status of one of the most highly paid comedians in the Hollywood. When Ben Stiller was a young and beginning actor he was dating with such actresses like: Jeanne Tripplehorn, Janeane Garofalo, Calista Flockhart and Amanda Peet.  In May 2000 he married with Christine Taylor whom he met while filming the movie “Heat vision and jack” where he played the main role of Black Jack. Their couple appeared together in a few other movies. Stiller and Christina are living in Hollywood, together they have a daughter Ella Olivia who was born in April 2002, and a son Queenly Dempsey who was born in 2005. Stiller is a part of the Democratic Party, and is very active in charity. It is interesting to know that his close friend Owen Wilson has appeared in eight movies together with him.  Ben has a few websites where his fans are being active; it is great to know that he is communicating with them instead of making his assistants doing it for him. In one of his interviews he stated that he has a loving wife, a great career, wonderful children and he doesn’t need anything more in order to feel himself ultimately happy.

Denzel Washington

Denzel WashingtonDenzel Washington has earned the tenth place in the rating due to the fact that he worked a lot for it, and his honorary was thirty three millions of dollars. He was born in December 1954 in Mount Vernon; he was named in the honor of the local priest. He was the middle of the three children in the family, his mother worked in the beauty salon where he used to work after school as well while helping her. After school he went to Fordham University n New York where first he was studying the medicine and after it the biology, but he didn’t had the feeling that it is something what he wants to do in his life, that is why he started journalistic classes, after which he got interested with the theatre and art of performance. He graduated the American conservatory in San Francisco, a year later he moved to New York where he begins his carrier in the TV shows. Denzel is a very religious person and believes that everything that he has achieved in his life, he achieved with the God’s help. The actor is happily married and is trying to do everything he can in order to provide only the best things to his family, as this is the main feature of his character, to take only the best things from life, and of course due to hard working for it.

Liam Neeson

Liam NeesonLiam Neeson is place in the eleventh place with the honorary of thirty two millions of dollars. He was born in June 1952 in Ireland. During the school time he got attracted with box, and even dreamed of the carrier of a boxer, he even broke his nose once, but nevertheless he was successful in it, and won the youth championship.  Though boxing was not his only passion, his second passion was the theater and the art of performance. At school he was participating in almost all of the plays, and it didn’t finish as soon as he finished the school, as he kept performing in small amateur theatres. Neeson was studying in the Royal Belfast University, from which was dismissed due to the variety of absences. In 1976 he became the star of the Belfast “Lyric Players” theatre. A few years later he relocated to Dublin in order to perform in the “Abbey Theatre”, that was the place where he was “spotted” by the producer John Barman, and was offered the role of a knight in the “Excalibur” movie, which was released in 1981. In 1999 he was honored with the “Award of the British Empire” by the Queen Elizabeth. In 2008 The American Fund of Ireland has honored him with the award for his impact into the Art of Ireland; it was a very happy day in actor’s life.

Johnny Depp

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp is placed on the twelfth place with the honorary of the thirty million of dollars. He became the first actor, three movies with which gathered more than I billion of dollars as soon after being released. The role of the Jack Sparrow became the best role in his life, and made him famous throughout the entire world. Johnny is a real man who would do anything for the sake of his family that is why in 1994 he got arrested after he punched the paparazzi who was trying to follow his girlfriend at that time Kate Moss. In 1983 he was in relation with the artist Lorie Anne Ellison, they got married in the Christmas Eve of the same year, and their marriage finished in 1985. After it he was with Winona Ryder who he met while filming in the same movie, their relation lasted from 1989 till 1993. Five months they lived together after which an engagement ring has appeared on her finger, but they never made it until the wedding and happily ever after. In 1994 he began his weird and crazy relationship with the model Kate Moss which brought only bad emotions to both of them. In 1998 he met the love of his life that was a French singer Vanessa Paradis who he met while filming in the movie “the Ninth Gates”. She born him two children, a daughter and a son but in 2012 their marriage collapsed and they remain friends. The reason of their divorce became Johnny’s affair with his partner of the movie Amber Heard, whom he proposed in January 2014.

Will Smith

Will SmithWill Smith feels comfortable being on the thirteenth place and having the honorary of thirty millions of dollars. Willard Christopher Smith Jr. was born in September 1968, in Pennsylvania. He is a man of many talents, as he is famous not only due to his carrier as an actor, but also as a hip hop singer. He is the nominee of two Oscar awards, and four times he was nominated for the Golden Globe award. He has a variety of Grammy awards, and in 2008 was the most highly paid actor in the entire Hollywood. It is important to say that nevertheless he is a very handsome man and there are a bunch of women who would do anything in order to get him, he stayed loyal to one and only woman in his life, to his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, whom he married on the New Year’s Eve in 1997. Together they have two children, a son Jaden, and a daughter Willow, both of their children are very talented as well, though not like their parents of course, not yet. Also Will has a son from his first marriage which lasted less than three years, his son’s name is Willard Christopher Smith (the third), but they all call him simply Trey Smith. It is a fact that Trey was always welcomed in his second family as an equal member, which of course is a very good thing.

Taylor Lautner

Taylor LautnerTaylor Lautner is based on the fourteenth place; he has earned twenty six and a half millions honorary. He became popular due to performing werewolf Jacob’s role in the vampire saga “Twilight”.  Not a lot of people know that besides being an actor, Taylor is an also a very talented singer who composes his own songs and music. He was born in a simple family, his parents never had anything to do with the world of art, but Taylor was always attracted by the art of performance, this way he appeared in all the possible school theatre performances, that is why his parents didn’t had any other choice than sending him into the school of performing arts, by the time he was only nine years old. His work in the world of cinema started from small non significant roles, as well as voicing different cartoon characters. When he turned ten years old, his entire family moved from Michigan to Los Angeles in order to make his performing and studying easier for Taylor. Due to his parents’ faith in his abilities and their nonstop support he was able to become a successful actor, who is famous throughout the entire world. It is interesting to know that for his role in the “Twilight” he had to work out really hard, in order to make his shape looking different in the second movie.

Robert Pattinson

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson woke up being a star after performing the main role of Edward Cullen, in the vampire saga “Twilight”, mainly participation in this movie has placed him on the fifteenth place with the honorary of the twenty six and a half millions of dollars. It is interesting to know that actually Robert has always dreamed of dedicating himself to the world of music. He played the guitar and imagined that it was his actual future. The genre he is performing is something close to the rock ‘roll style but in his own unique manner. It is interesting to know that he also knows how to play piano, which he start playing by the time he was only three years old, on the guitar he played when he got five years old, but at those times he was playing blues on it mainly.  For the “Twilight” saga Robert has written two ballads “Never Think” which became the official soundtrack to the movie, and “Let me sign”. Robert is collecting electronic guitars for a few years already. Currently Robert works in a few other projects, where he also plays the main roles. As about his private life, he is engaged with the actress Kristen Stewart who was his partner in the saga, and whom he met and falls in love with during the filming.


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5 responses to “Most highly paid actors in Hollywood”

  1. Mike says:

    Ya, congrats and all, but much of RD Jr’s success in the past year can be largely attributed to awesome computer-generated imagery (CGI). The question is, is he equally as bankable in roles that require real acting?

  2. Valery says:

    I adore Robert, he was in so much trouble and now look at him, doing better then ever before.

  3. Tyrese says:

    I think Adam Sandler deserves all the possible awards that ever existed in Hollywood, I mean I have never probably saw any actor whom would be that talented as he is. Everything he does becomes a masterpiece. Like for example the movie where he performs with Jennifer Aniston, “Just go for it” has become my favorite movie, I can watch it a few times in the row and still don’t get bored of it. So I cannot imagine where is he taking all the ideas for the movies, how come he was born that talented, as for me it is crazy. That movie, has took me out from such a depressive mood that I was feeling that I don’t want to live anymore, like there is no use, and I will never be able to be happy. But due to it I realized that there are not only bad things but good things as well, and they simply need some time before happening.

  4. Linda says:

    Robert Downey Jr, one of the most highly paid actors, really? Why? I wouldn’t say that he is more talented than Leonardo DiCaprio. Actually I can say that a long time ago (it is obviously one of his old movies) I saw him not in a very good role that made me sick of him as of an actor, as he was playing a role of a drug addicted person who was ready to do anything (and by anything I really do mean anything) in order to get a new dose of drugs, I thought that it is fuc***g awful, especially considering the fact that in that movie was shown everything he was doing for it. Yuke, even now remembering about it makes me want to rush into the bathroom as I feel dizzy. I have no idea how did he managed to become one of the most highly paid actors from that kind of roles.

  5. Samantha says:

    I am wondering why don’t I see in this list such actors as: Russell Crowe, or Keanu Reeves? From time to time I can see Russell Crowe in new movies, the latest one was “Noah” I believe, while Keanu Reeves has simply stopped performing for some reason, and I don’t really understand why. I have the feeling that he entered some sort of very deep depression of which he is not able to go himself, he really needs some help, but unfortunately there is no one there for him. I remember the picture where he is eating a sandwich and has a very miserable look. What has happen to him? He used to have such a great roles, he was and still is one of the hottest men in the Universe, so why is he allowing himself getting to the bottom of his existence instead of rising and appearing in new great projects.