Most highly paid actresses in Hollywood

Most highly paid actresses in Hollywood Between actresses there are always a lot of official and not official contests for the best one. In 2013, the Forbes magazine has published the rating of the most highly paid actresses. It already became a tradition creating this kind of rating, and it is published by one of the most authoritative magazine in the financial and economic sphere, which was formed by the journalist Bertie Forbes in 1917. So here are the top ten actresses of this “golden” rating.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina JolieThe first place goes to Angelina Jolie. Her honorary for the movie is not less than thirty five millions of dollars, and during a few years in a row she is considered the most beautiful and sexy woman by a variety of magazines. Also she enters the lists of the most powerful people in the world, and no wonder, as she is capable to comprise her filming time with taking care of the big family and children, but at the same time she is the ambassador of the good will in the world, and due to her a lot of charity events took place. According to Angelina she realized the catastrophe which is going on in the third world countries while being in Cambodia, for filming in the movie “Lara Croft”. The actress was there, and during the time of filming saw how sad is the situation. So as soon as she finished the work in that movie she connected the Organization of the United Nations in 2001 for the information about the refugees, and same year her first meeting regarding that problem took place in Sierra Leone, Tanzania, where she was deeply shocked by everything she saw. In the next few months she visited Cambodia again, and after it the camp of Afghanistan refugees in Pakistan, where she donated one million of dollars to the funds of Committee dealing with the refugees. All the expenses for her trips Angelina was paying from her own money, and while living in the camps she was living in the same conditions and doing same work as all the other members of the commission.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica ParkerThe second place went to Sarah Jessica Parker with the honorary of thirty millions of dollars. A variety of people consider the TV show “love and the city” where she performed the main role, neither interesting nor beautiful. A lot of people didn’t even watch the first episode till the end. But nevertheless that show became very popular and gathered a large audience of people who loved watching it, as well as critics, and it was nominee and winner of four “Golden Globe” awards, two “Emmy” awards, and brought a huge benefit to its creators. It is interesting to know, that Sarah was writing the scenario for many episodes by herself.  And she became the executive producer of the “love and the City” TV show. The full movie with the same name became also a huge success, but its sequel though made the fans of the show happy, has become a total disaster, and brought a lot of unpleasant critical remarks to Sarah, which made her quite sad and depressed, but nevertheless, she keeps performing, and was invited to perform the role in the third movie of the show. In November 2009 Sarah Jessica Parker entered the group of official advisers regarding the culture, arts and humanitarian issues, of the president Barak Obama. That group consists of twenty five people and its main leader is Michelle Obama.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer AnistonThe third but also very important place went to Jennifer Aniston whose honorary is twenty eight millions of dollars. Jennifer started being attracted by the world of cinema by the time she was nine years old and she was performing in the school dramatic theatre plays. When she was making her first steps in the real carrier of an actress, the producers have demanded her to a serious demand; they made her losing almost fifteen kilograms. The world is full of controversial things, if you want to be rich and famous; it means that you will have to correspond to the body standards. She became famous due to her famous character Rachel Green, from the “Friends” TV show, where she played one of the main roles, and due to which she became one of the America’s sweethearts, and she really earned this name, as after her sad divorce the entire America was worrying for her and supporting her at the most possible level. It is interesting to know that during her carrier in the world of cinema, she was not only an actress, but also was movie producer for three times, and twice a movie director. Though, there were many troubles in her personal life, she always had the strength to pull herself together and to go on with a perfect smile on her face.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese WitherspoonThe forth place goes to the “golden” blonde Reese Witherspoon, her honorary for the movie is twenty eight millions of dollars. Reese is not only an actress but is also a cinema producer. She owns her own producing company “Type A Films”. In 2012 she got her own star on the Hollywood walk of Fame. She became famous due to performing in the movie “Legally Blonde”, and it is a fact that this role has taught her fighting for her rights and for the things that she considers right. Like for example in 2005, being highly irritated by the paparazzi and their perseverance of the paparazzi, she in the alliance with actresses: Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan and Halle Berry gathered compromising material on the behavior of the photographers and handled it to the governor of California, after which was adopted a law since the first of January 2006 which was limiting the rights of the photographers (they were up to pay a penalty for taking pictures of the stars without their consent). Also Reese is a part of the campaign for gathering clothes and funds in the favor of children whose fate was not a very happy one. In 2007 she became the official representative of the Avon Company, and noble director of the charity foundation, as well as the speaker.

Jennifer Lawrence 

Jennifer LawrenceThe fifth place go to the fragile girl with a innocent look but very tough character- Jennifer Lawrence, whose honorary is twenty six millions of dollars. In February 2013 was posted the news that she became the official representative of the “Miss Dior” new bag collections. The actress was very excited to start working with Dior, as she is a fan of this brand. It is interesting the fact that Jennifer is an actress that is able to perform in different kinds of genres with the same wonderful professionalism. Her performance is always positively marked by the critics, as they say she is the actress who is able to create a unique character of the hero she is performing. one of the first highly marked roles that she had, was performing Marianna in the drama “The burning plain”, she was described as a real breakthrough, and as an actress who in the future will certainly win the Oscar award, and maybe not once in her carrier. When Jennifer is performing, it is really difficult to realize that she is performing and that is not her life at all in the reality, as her acting is so real like she is living all the emotions equally with her character that is exactly what is called a genuine and unique talent.

Julia Roberts

Julia RobertsOn the sixth place is based the star, that in 2005 and in 2006 was the most highly paid actress according to “People” magazine, which was also  listing her as one of the fifty most beautiful faces on Earth for eleven times,  in Hollywood, with the honorary of twenty millions of dollars. In 2001 the magazine “Ladies Home Journal” placed her on the eleventh place in the rating of the most powerful women in America, and it is interesting that in this list Julia was placed higher that Condoleezza Rice and Lora Bush.

Julia is one of those women who are able to lighten the room with one smile that is why all the movie directors that worked with her were cherishing her for this feature of character. Despite her great carrier as a Hollywood actress, she nevertheless was able to become a wonderful mother and a loving wife, who was not afraid to leave everything for the sake of the family. It is a fact that she though she stopped filming for a few years, in order to dedicate herself completely to the children and husband, she still stayed one of the most wanted and successful actresses.  She bought the rights for filming “Eat, pray, love”, and produced this movie while performing the main part in it, as this movie in reality was showing her essence to the public.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen StewartKristen Stewart who became famous due to performing the main part in the “Twilight” vampire saga owns the seventh place with the honorary of eighteen millions of dollars. Kristen appeared in various movies since being a little girl and the majority of movies there she performed were quite successful and not cheap at all, she performed with actors like: Judy Foster, Forest Whitaker, Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone.  She is a very stubborn and ambitious girl, who since being small never took “no” as an answer, she learned that there are different ways of making people giving her what she wants, which she is successfully implementing nowadays as well.  It is interesting to know that Kristen knows playing the guitar. Though she looks like a fragile little girl, in reality she is quite strong, and is more of a “hunter” than a “victim”. The entire world was shocked after her scandalous story with the movie producer Rupert Saunders, while she was in a relationship with the love symbol Robert Pattinson, and the entire world hated her for producing so much pain to him. But nevertheless Kristen is like a cat, and if she falls from the height, she will always fall on her paws and do the things that she planned in her head. As a result Robert got back to her one year later, and currently they are happy and announced of their soon wedding.

Catherine Heigl

Catherine HeiglOn the eighth place is based the breathtaking star of the “Grey’s Anatomy” TV show, Catherine Heigl, whose honorary is seventeen millions of dollars. It is interesting that in 2008, the internet portal “” have issued her the first place in the rating of the one hundred most desired women in the universe. Catherine is the member of the “Coalition on Donation”, which is an organization supporting the program of donating organs, and there are serious reasons for her to be a part of it. In 1986, in her family was a tragedy that all the members of the family went very hard through. Her brother got into car accident and the doctors stated that his brain was dead, that is why her parents decided to donate his organs. That was one of the most difficult decisions in their family, as it was hard for them to let him go, but at the same time it was one of the most decent ones. This story has put a stamp upon her entire life, and helped her playing the role of intern in “Grey’s Anatomy”, though sometimes it was pretty hard for her, it was making her going through that awful day of her life over and over again. In 2006 Catherine got engaged with Josh Kelly whom she met on the release of his new video to a song. They haven’t lived together till the wedding as she wanted to keep something important for their marriage, something that will make it different from dates and simple living together. They married in December 2007, two years later they adopted a girl Nancy Lee, from South Korea, and in 2012 they adopted their second daughter Adelaide Mary Hole.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron DiazThe ninth place goes to the blonde girl who woke up being famous after performing in the movie “The Mask” with Jim Carrey, her honorary is sixteen and a half millions of dollars. When she was young she was not planning to become an actress, as she loved the animals and wanted to be a zoologist, she was even getting ready to it. But one of her good friends has offered her some very tempting contract with the elite modeling agency “Elite”, that was exactly the type of offer you cannot say no to, as it is a chance offered only once per lifetime. That was the historical moment than the world has lost a good zoologist, but gained and highly marked a very good comedy actress. During her carrier as a model she travelled all over the world, she has been in Japan, Australia, Algeria, France, and Mexico and in 1990 she finally “settled” in Hollywood. After debuting in “The mask” she became very popular and got a variety of invitations to perform in other movies, which was the point in her carrier when she said goodbye to modeling, in order to dedicate completely to acting. Currently she is also one of the main voices in the world of Disney. In June 2009 she was honored with her own star on the Hollywood walk of fame, under the number 2386.

Emma Stone 

Emma StoneEmma Stone is the natural blonde beauty who is placed on the tenth place with the honorary equal to sixteen millions of dollars. After she got her first role, she changed her hair color into dark blonde for her role in the movie “Superbad”, after she changed it into the red care, while for the movie “The new Spiderman” she became blonde again. Since 2007 she lives on her own in Los Angeles. In 2009 she moved to Greenwich Village. It is interesting to know that actually Emma has never dreamed of becoming an actress as she was always very passionate with the web design and HTML version.  She went to her first audition with her friend who was dreaming of becoming an actress but was afraid to go for it by herself, as a result Emma was welcomed, while her friend stayed out of the casting right from the first tour of it, as a result Emma lost this friend, as when people are envy, they can treat their friends pretty bad. Currently Emma’s best friend is the singer Taylor Swift.  The other interesting thing about Miss Stone is that her sexy low voice is the result of the bronchitis that she went through when she was a teenager. Emma Stone is in a relationship with the actor Andrew Garfield for a few years, rumors say that they will get married soon.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra BullockThe eleventh place is occupied by the charming beauty Sandra Bullock, with the honorary of fifteen millions per movie. Her performance provokes controversial opinions, this way in 2009 when she got the Oscar award as the best actress of the year for the role in the movie “The blinded side” she felt like it was a great success for her, but next day after this event she won the Golden Raspberry award as the worst actress in the movie “Everything about Steve”. The good thing is that those controversial opinions have nothing to do with the numbers on her paychecks.

It is interesting to know that she is fluent in German language, and twice donated to the American Red Cross, each donation was equal to one million of dollars. She was driving a Porche for a very long time, but in 2004 started driving a Prius car, as this way she wanted to help saving the atmosphere from the pollution. In 2005 she married the American TV presenter and producer of motorcycles Jessie James. Five years later they adopted a child- Louis Bordeaux, but after getting her Oscar award there appeared some rumors in the media about Jessie’s infidelity towards his wife, this way Sandra filled the documents for the divorce and full custody upon their adopted child.

Charlize Theron  

Charlize TheronThe twelfth but not less important place goes to the definition of feminine beauty Charlize Theron, with the honorary of fifteen millions of dollars. It is interesting to know that besides being a successful model and actress, Charlize is also a part of the female organizations, and she is for the right of the woman for an abortion. She defends the rights of the animals, and is an active member of the organization “People who are for ethic behavior with animals”, and she represents this organization in an anti fur advertising campaign. Also she votes for the marriages of the people with equal gender, she even took part in their marsh in Fresno city in May 2009. In July 2009 it was published that Charlize will cooperate with the LA football club, in order to build a variety of football clubs in the rural areas of the South Africa (the native place of the actress). Chelsea football club took the obligation to create school football programs for the schools of a few regions in Africa. This help includes buying also the uniform, shoes, and all the equipment needed for the game, as well as training of the local coaches and judges of the game. The aim of the program is to bring light and hope to the children in Africa, and to make their life and health better.

Nathalie Portman

Nathalie PortmanNathalie Portman is the actress who woke up famous after performing the famous role of the teenager girl Matilda, who became friends with the killer Leon (performed by Jean Reno), in the movie by Luke Besson, is placed on the thirteenth place with the honorary of fourteen millions of dollars. In July 2013, Nathalie announced that she will direct the first movie in her life, based on the book by Amos Oz. Since being 8 years old Nathalie became a vegetarian by saying no to all the kinds of meat after she saw a video of how the new things are being tested on animals. She is actively defending the rights of the animals, and she never wears neither fur, nor leather. In 2004 and 2005, the actress visited Uganda, Guatemala and Ecuador as the ambassador of the FINCA International organization, which is helping people of the poor countries getting credits in order to start their own small business. During her work in the “Black Swan” movie she started a relationship with the dancer of the New York theatre and Ballet- Benjamin Millepied, who is French Jewish by the nationality. In December 2010, actress’s representatives published the news that the couple is waiting for a baby. In 2011 Nathalie bore a son, and one year later Benjamin and Nathalie got married.

Mila Kunis

Mila KunisThe fourteenth place goes to the charismatic and charming Mila Kunis, who’s honorary, is eleven millions of dollars. Mila Kunis is the actress who is able to perform in each kind of genre, but she prefers playing in something light and funny, as she likes bringing positive emotions to everyone she sees. It is interesting to know that besides being a successful actress she also is able to do some other things, like for example in 2007 she participated in a video “Funny or Die”, which was a comic parody on the TV show “Hollywood Hills”, and had a huge success when the quantity of the people who saw it exceeded one million of people. In 2008 she participated in the advertising campaign for the “Gap” brand. Also the actress has appeared on the main page of a variety of magazines. In 2012 she signed a contract with the Dior house for the advertising of the spring collection. In 1999 she appeared in a few music videos, mostly of the rock bands. The actress is now living in Los Angeles with her fiancée Ashton Kutcher, together they are expecting a baby, and are planning their wedding in Europe, there only the closest friends of the couple would get the invitation as it will be a closed private event.

Meryl Streep

Meryl StreepThe fifteenth place goes to the goddess of beauty and performing actress, who was twice honored with Oscar award and nominee for this award fifteen times- Meryl Streep with the honorary of ten millions of dollars. Right now she is at that point of her life when she can allow herself carefully choosing between a variety of scenarios which she is been offered to perform in,  she is able now to choose the one which will be interesting to her fans as well as to her. While being sixty two years old, she is a much demanded actress with a working schedule filled till the beginning of the year 2015. Movie producers who want to invite her performing a role in their movie have to stay in a row, or wait for a few years. She became famous after performing with Dustin Hoffman in the movie “Cramer against Cramer”; actually this movie made famous both of them, and become the bottom line of their carrier. Meryl though being very popular is at the same time very modest, and raises her children being modest as well. She had a dramatic story in her private life, that made her cherish each moment of her life and knowing that it each day might become the last one. Family and her loving husband Don were always the most important things in her life, and she would give up on anything for their sake.

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2 responses to “Most highly paid actresses in Hollywood”

  1. Michele says:

    Jolie no longer need to be an actor in order to rake in the money, which is what every actor ultimately strive for. Jolie is now producing and directing films, drawing huge international endorsement deals, and making smart investments from what she earned. That is one very smart lady.

  2. Diana says:

    Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women ever.
    she’s a talented actress and humanitarian too.
    her and Brad Pitt give a lot of money to relief work and also contribute their time.
    good for them.