Most popular celebrity diets

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to lose those few extra pounds to look perfect in a swimsuit. Ever wondered how celebrities always seem to look so great on a beach? Well, they have the secrets to staying slim and here we are going to reveal some of them. Keep on reading and discover some of the most effective celebrity diets.

Raw food diet







Cooking fruits and vegetables causes them to lose key nutrients, and this diet helps promote health in addition to reaching the ideal weight. Demi Moore reportedly lost 11 pounds by eating three quarters of her food uncooked on the raw food diet. It can be unsafe to consume undercooked meats, so it is recommended for dieters considering this plan to limit their diet to raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes and natural juices during the length of their diet.

The five factor diet

Eva Mendes






Created by celebrity trainer and fitness guru Harley Pasternak, this diet consists of consuming five meals daily, and each meal consists of five ingredients. The target ingredients include protein, unsaturated fats, fiber, carbs and a drink containing no sugar. Furthermore, the dieter is required to work out for around a half an hour five days a week. One cheat day is allowed per week where you can eat anything – and everything – you like, guilt free. Eva Mendes reportedly lost 15 pounds employing this diet plan.

South Beach diet







As a food lover, Nicole Kidman is a huge fan of the South Beach Diet. Divided into three phases, with the first two being the strictest, the program is said to eliminate cravings and kickstart weight loss. While there’s no counting calories or strict portion sizes, followers must cut out bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and baked goods for the first two weeks, replacing “bad carbs” and “bad fats” with “good carbs” and “good fats.”

Maple syrup diet







It may sound strange, but Beyoncé is said to have lost 19 pounds using the maple syrup diet. The diet is a fast one in which, for a ten day time frame, nothing is consumed except for a concoction of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water. This diet helps the body get rid of toxins, and the cayenne pepper helps speed metabolism.

The alkaline diet







Last January, Victoria Beckham tweeted a picture of the cookbook Eating the Alkaline Way . “Love this healthy eating cook book!!” she wrote. Posh has indeed maintained her good figure with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables that curtails consumption of acid-forming foods like dairy, pasta, meat and fish. The goal? To keep the body’s pH balance between 7.35 and 7.45.








Sofia Vergara swears by Freshology, a food delivery company that provides calorie-controlled, low-carb, high-protein, all-natural gourmet meals delivered straight to homes. Supposedly, it tastes so good you don’t even know you’re on a diet. Meals are customized according to your weight loss goals, exercise amount, food likes and dislikes, and also offers gluten-free and vegetarian options. “The food is good and I don’t have to think about it!” Sofia said of the program.

The Hampton’s diet







The Hampton’s diet is said to have helped actress Sarah Jessica Parker shed 15 pounds. This strategy works by the dieter eliminating processed foods. They instead eat foods found on the outer edges of the grocery store such as raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and fish. This diet is one that is healthful not just as a temporary lifestyle change but also as a way of life.

The zone diet







Developed by former scientist Dr. Barry Sears, The zone diet involves getting 40 percent of your daily total caloric intake from carbohydrates, 30 percent from carbs and 30 percent from fats. According to Sears, balancing the correct amount of amino acids with carbs helps control the appetite to prevent over-eating. Followers eat three portion-controlled meals and two snacks a day, preventing you from getting too hungry – or cranky. Jennifer Aniston was such a big fan, some have even called it the “Jennifer Aniston Diet.”

Three hour diet

The Museum Of Modern Art 2013 Film Benefit - A Tribute To Tilda Swinton






Those needing to trim a few pounds can follow in the footsteps of Jessica Biel by participating in the three hour diet. The actress lost 10 pounds by eating six small meals every three hours throughout the day to minimize cravings. Dieters are encouraged to compare their portions with objects. By associating portion sizes with familiar objects, they are more likely to remember the correct quantities of certain foods to stay on track with the diet plan.

Blood type diet







The blood type diet acclaimed by actress Elizabeth Hurley takes into consideration findings from studies that have associated the effects of food items in relation to blood types. For example, it was discovered that type A individuals are more likely to lose weight by consuming more fruits and vegetables while type O dieters should instead eat lots of red meat. While some debate the findings of these studies, Hurley allegedly lost 12 pounds through the implementation of this plan.


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2 responses to “Most popular celebrity diets”

  1. Tina says:

    The lemonade diet is good for body detoxification and speedy weight loss, but isn’t meant for the long term. Eating small, healthy meals through out the day is quite commonly done by celebrities and advised by health gurus as it keeps the metabolism running at full speed. This is a very interesting selection of celebrity diets. I’ll have to do more research into them.

  2. Suzanna says:

    I’ve been reading a lot about the blood type diets lately and this would seem to make some sense to me, but as I am inclined to favor more veggie based diets i guess the raw food diet would get my vote!