Most successful celebrity fashion lines

Being “just” a world-famous actor or singer doesn’t seem to be enough these days as many celebrities follow the current trend, which is having their own fashion line. And what’s even better, these stars are really earning some serious money from this. Check out some of the most successful celebrity clothing lines.

Nicole Richie








The House of Harlow 1960 collection is named after Nicole Richie and Joel Madden’s daughter Harlow. It was originally launched in 2008 as a jewelry line but over the years has expanded to include sunglasses and shoes. Four years later she introduced her ready-to-wear clothing line, Winter Kate. While her reps refuse to provide company sales figures, her two lines have already added an additional $3 million to Nicole’s overall net worth.

Justin Timberlake








The multitalented Justin Timberlake launched William Rast collection in 2006 with his childhood best friend, Trace Ayala. The name of the fashion line, which is known for its premium denim, is a tribute to Timberlake and Ayala’s grandfathers. Thanks to their well-fitting jeans, their company rakes in an approximate $50 million per year in sales.

Sienna Miller








Twenty8Twelve was founded by actress Sienna Miller and her sister Savannah Miller in 2007. The collection is a fusion of very different styles and features clothing with a Bohemian feel which still manages to remain sleek, simple and elegant. Twenty8Twelve became an instant hit and the Miller sisters’ designs have been spotted on the red carpet a number of times.









Since its inception in 1999 Jay-Z’s collection, Rocawear, has become one of the top urban-lifestyle brands out there. With annual sales of more than $700 million, there’s nothing that the brand doesn’t cover. Through licensing deals with various companies, Rocawear has expanded to include junior’s clothes, handbags, belts, hats, jewelry, ladies’ intimates, eyewear and men’s and women’s footwear, as well as baby clothes

Jessica Simpson








Jessica Simpson has earned the nickname ‘Fashion’s Billion Dollar Baby’ thanks to her extremely successful line, the Jessica Simpson Collection. Simpson might have the most successful celebrity-endorsed clothing line ever. Her collection, which includes trendy handbags and flirty shoes and clothing, earned more than $750 million in 2010 alone. The line is sold in most department stores and higher-end retailers. In addition to shoes, apparel, accessories and fragrances, her line has recently expanded to include diamond-clad jewelry.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen








Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have taken the fashion world by storm over the years. The twins high-end fashion label, the Row, has become a huge hit with fashionistas around the world. Mary-Kate and Ashley are unique among fellow celebrity designers for having created lines on both the high and low ends of the price spectrum. In 2007 Mary-Kate and Ashley expanded their fashion empire with Elizabeth and James, a contemporary collection featuring vintage clothing and pieces inspired from their personal wardrobes. Today, they have 3 successful lines: Olsenboye, a kids fashion line; Elizabeth and James, targeted towards a mid-market; and The Row, a high-end line. Big-name fans include Heidi Klum, Jessica Simpson and Sarah Jessica Parker. The Olsen twins’ fashion empire is now worth $1 billion.








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2 responses to “Most successful celebrity fashion lines”

  1. Mandy says:

    Being popular in Hollywood also make people business men and business women. This is very nice as many of the celebrities are talented in many ways. Besides their popularity just adds charms to their brand clothes and designer taste. People just want to wear what their idols produce and find stylish. The law of money attracting more money is working impeccably.

  2. Melany says:

    They are talented and why not creating their clothes lines? I wish I could afford myself buying the clothes from celebrities that I like as I find them incredibly stylish and beautiful. Well, maybe in future, when I become rich, heheheh! If people can do more than one business and do it really well, why not being famous and successful in more than one field? Everything is in our hands.