Naomi Watts almost quit acting

naomi_watts_661200 In an interview with InStyle magazine, Naomi Watts admitted there was a time when she actually considered giving up acting.

In her twenties she was struggling in Hollywood and had doubts about whether she could be successful actress. She said: ”In my mid-twenties I thought about it many times but I pretty much worked out there was nothing else I could do and resigned myself to the fact that I would just be an actor for hire.”

Today, Naomi looks back on her early struggles in the movie industry as a huge motivation to get even better at acting. ”It turned out exactly how it was supposed to. If I had got success handed to me at an early age I think I would have made terrible choices. I’ve had to work hard for everything. Nothing has ever come easily to me. I never won a raffle, you know? I’m not that person,” she said.

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