Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes are friends

Nicole-Kidman According to an insider, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes have become friends.

It might sound surprising, but the two women actually do have a lot in common. They are actresses, both have children and they were both married to Tom Cruise. They reportedly speak on the phone regularly and enjoy talking about their families and careers.

The source said: ”They had a really nice conversation. They talked a little about what it was like being married to Tom and have stayed in touch ever since. They haven’t discussed intimate issues like love, and mostly chit chat about their kids and what’s going on in their lives.”

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One response to “Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes are friends”

  1. Marcello says:

    Tom Cruise even hasn’t realized he made his two ex-wives friends.) Well, this is life and things like this happen! Sad enough both marriages didn’t last for a life-time. I wonder who is the next wife of the Mission Impossible hero?!