Nicole Kidman doesn’t follow a strict diet

Nicole Kidman Judging by her amazing figure, one might think that Nicole Kidman has a strict diet and exercising regime, but the actress claims otherwise.

She says she eats anything she wants, just making sure not to over-indulge.

Speaking to Los Angeles Times, she said: ”There’s certainly no secret regime. I wish there was. I’m actually not that strict with my diet. I pretty much eat anything, but all in moderation.

”Likewise with fitness, I try not to be too strict with it and mix it up to make sure it stays fun.”

Being a working actress and a mom, Nicole admits it can be difficult to juggle her career and family life and find time to exercise. That’s why she always tries to organize fun activities for the whole family and that way she gets to work out and spend time with her daughters and husband.

Nicole Kidman Attends The Celebrate Life Ball In MelbourneShe explained: ”I’m sure all working mothers can relate to how hard it is to juggle a family while keeping healthy through diet and exercise! That’s why I’m a fan of all types of training. I run, ride my bike, do yoga, whatever I can do and wherever I am in the world.

”We try to exercise as a family, which makes it much easier to squeeze in among everything else and, of course, much more enjoyable.”

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