Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald split


After two years of marriage Nikki Reed and her husband Paul McDonald have decided to call it quits.

The Twilight star and the former American Idol contestant have been living separately for the past six months and insist the split was amicable and they will continue making music together.

The spokesperson released a statement, which reads: “After much consideration, Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald are ending their marriage. They have been living separately for the past six months due to work obligations.

“They will continue to share their love of music, and are still working on their debut album, I’m Not Falling, releasing in 2014. They remain best friends and look forward to their continued journey together.”


Nikki and Paul met in March 2011 at the Red Riding Hood premiere. They got engaged in June and in October they tied the knot.

The couple first worked together worked together on McDonald’s 2012 single ‘Now That I’ve Found You’ which Reed featured on, appeared in and directed the music video of. Despite the split Nikki and Paul will continue working together and their next project is a studio album, I’m Not Falling, which they plan to release later this year.

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2 responses to “Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald split”

  1. Lauren says:

    It is so sad I thought they were going to make it 🙁 maybe one day when there schedule is clearer they might get back together. and if not at least they made it two years some Hollywood couples don’t even last a year, so at least Nikki and Paul tried but its still so sad they seemed like they absolutely adored each other and would have lasted longer 🙁

  2. Morso says:

    People are soooo shocked that these celebs get a divorce. Well if these celebs would stop dating, getting engaged and then married in such a short time, and actually take time getting to know one another before rushing to the alter, the marriages just may work out!!