Olivia Wilde volunteered to be naked in ‘Drinking Buddies’

olivia_wilde_659395 In an interview with Chicago Sun Times, Olivia Wilde revealed that it was her idea to go skinny dipping in her new movie Drinking Buddies. They were shooting a bonfire scene and suddenly Olivia decided to improvise and take her clothes off.

She said: ”So the next night we did the bonfire scene and I thought, ‘I should probably go skinny dipping.’ And I ran into the water, and I didn’t know what Jake was going to do! If he follows me into the water, we’ll shoot something in the water. Or he doesn’t. But I’m just as present in the scene as the audience is, which was really fun. And Chicago is home to some of the world’s greatest improvisers, so it felt appropriate that we were making the film there.”

The actress, who will turn 30 next March, previously said she can’t wait for her birthday. ”The 20s are awful! It’s like high school all over again,” she said.

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