Orlando Bloom talks nude scenes

orlando-bloom-opening-night-of-broadways-romeo_3874352 Talking about his first full-frontal nude scene in upcoming movie Zulu, Orlando Bloom said it was an empowering experience for him.

The actor was reluctant to do this kind of scenes earlier, but after spending a lot of time in gym he got into great shape and agreed to bare all on camera.

He told Elle magazine, “I got in the best shape of my life for that movie.”

When asked if shooting the nude scene was empowering, he replied, “It was. Dude, it is what it is. It’s flesh and bone. It’s what we all are.”

And, what’s even more interesting, Bloom got so comfortable walking around the set naked, he actually had fun with the crew. He said: “It was quite amusing walking around set and seeing the crew avert their eyes at first. I got so comfortable with it I could brush up behind someone and go, ‘Oh, excuse me.'”

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2 responses to “Orlando Bloom talks nude scenes”

  1. Mark says:

    Hehehehe! I like Orlando’s sense of humor, as well as I like him. He is a very hot and handsome man with the body to die for. If I were him, I would never be shy to undress in public. You need to work hard to achieve such results and I am currently doing my regular work outs too. It is indeed challenging, but the result is rewarding. Orlando Bloom is right, it is flesh and bone – we are all the same, what to be shy about?? Well, some have a better flesh on bones than the others! LOL

  2. Rodney says:

    Orlando is sexy and very handsome guy. I do not think he needs to be shy of the nude scenes. I am happy he overcome his prejudice and even can have fun naked with the shooting cast. If I were him, I would do the same. This is just so hilarious. He is a real prankster!