Owners insist Angelina Jolie has not bought Petra Island

angelina_jolie_and_brad_pitt_691288 The owners of the heart shaped island that Angelina Jolie allegedly bought for Brad Pitt claim that the reports are false and that the island is still up for sale.

The exclusive island is located approximately 50 miles north of Manhattan, New York, and it hasn’t been sold yet.

Donna Massaro – whose parents Joseph and Barbara own the retreat – insists the land hasn’t received an offer since it was put on the market.

”I don’t have any idea where that report came from. The family threw it out there to see if anyone was interested, and so far no potential buyers have come forward,” Donna said.

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2 responses to “Owners insist Angelina Jolie has not bought Petra Island”

  1. Daniel says:

    I wonder who creates all these gossips about romantic gift form Angie to Brad. Yes, it would have been a very romantic and a very expensive gift, but it is not so. The owners of the property deny the fact of the purchase. I believe now publicist do not know what to write to attract more readers and create the gossips themselves. It is like hearing the noise not knowing what was that.

  2. Anne says:

    Petra Island would have been indeed a great gift, still not from a woman to a man, but from a man to a woman. Where is our old school days?? Now men wait for so much love care and attention, but forget they need keep on winning their woman’s heart every new day of their lives. And Brad pit is the one, who can afford himself buying an island in the shape of heart for one of the most beautiful women on earth – Angelina Jolie.