Paula Patton not ready for reconciliation


Robin Thicke still doesn’t know if his wife Paula Patton will take him back. The actress is yet to decide whether to reconcile with Robin or file for divorce.

The couple, who got married in 2005, split earlier this year. The singer has been trying to win Paula back but she still doesn’t know if she wants to give him a second chance.

A source told TMZ: “Robin has not been convincing enough for her to bring him back into her life. We’re told Paula is saying the same thing she’s said since she threw in the towel late last month – that he needs to prove he can be a good husband.”

It was recently claimed the Paula had told Robin to stop trying to win her back with gifts.


A source said: “She’s insulted that he thinks he can win her back with pricey gifts. He knows what it’s going to take, and it’s nothing he can buy with money.”

Couple of weeks ago, during his concert in Atlantic City, Thicke said: “Never stop believing and you never stop loving. And even if it is over, make sure you treat each other right. Treat your family right. Just keep believing that God is good.”

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4 responses to “Paula Patton not ready for reconciliation”

  1. Jennifer says:

    It is easy to forgive cheating, but not to forget and the trust cannot be gained back that fast. It is understandable why Paula Patton is still reconsidering her marriage. The woman wants to love and be loved and awaits for the actions from her man, not just diamonds and gold. Dear, Robin, Thike, you need to realize that being a good husband has nothing to do with buying love.

  2. Talia says:

    I think that Paula Patton does not love her husband Robin Thicke, as a loving woman would never act like this, she would never brought all the bad stuff going on to the face of public, and it is a right decision of a normal person, while the fact that she behaves this way is showing one of two possible options, or she is performing for the society who is watching the scandal for the PR reasons, or she simply stopped loving him and doesn’t care much of him. Actually it think it is more both of the options and it is not fair at all, I have no idea what were their reasons for divorce, but I am one of those people who believe that even if the relationship is over two people have to be very respectful towards each other. And the fact that Robin Thicke said on his concert makes me realize that he is of the same opinion. I think Paula should be ashamed of her own behavior.

  3. Jill says:

    So what exactly Paula wants Robin to do, maybe, to propose her? Awe wait a minute, he already done that and right now she is still considered to be his wife. What does she wants and what is the reason of her behavior, she acts like a bit** who wants a man to feel himself humiliated while doing some things in public for his woman. I guess some of the things are supposed to be done only between two people and that’s it. I feel sorry for her, she got carried with the wave of fame, that is why she doesn’t think of what she is doing, and not grateful for what she has. The truth is that not Robin is the one who is supposed to prove her, that he is a good husband, but Paula Patton is the one that should prove Robin Thicke that she is good enough for him, especially after this kind of behavior I would triple think before getting her back and live with her.

  4. Tyrese says:

    I am wondering what the reasons are for Paula acting this way, I saw a lot of interviews with Robin Thicke and he seems to be a very down to earth man, I like the fact that though he is a star and has a whole army of fans he is still a very nice person to speak with. My personal opinion is that Paula’s opinion is arrogant, and there is no prove me you can be good or bad husband in a loving relationship. There is only I love you or I don’t and that’s it, while all those arguments worth nothing in reality. I feel sorry for him; he obviously met the wrong woman in his life, but from the other side that is also some good experience for him, before meeting that one and only person in his life. I just hope that he won’t lose his respect towards all the women after some bad experience in the past, and I am really proud of him for saying those words on the concert. I think it was really nice of him to set the finish of the relationship and marriage in such a nice way. It is a pity that not everyone is able to do that, but only people who are upset with something are acting like that. People who are happy with their life and with what they have would never act this way, but I do not feel sorry for her even a tiny little bit. Everyone gets what he deserves, and every single did in this life come back.