Penelope Cruz wants to move behind the camera


Penelope Cruz is in Cannes currently where she is promoting Ma Ma, the movie she produces.

Speaking for, the actress has revealed she wants to do more work behind the camera in the future.

She said: ”I want to build what could be my future in cinema, not always being in front of the camera. I’d also like to direct a feature, maybe 10 years from now. For now, I’m directing commercial and video-clips – I love that. And it’s the best way to learn. I want to go slowly, step by step. I’m following the whole production process very closely, from the film’s inception.”

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One response to “Penelope Cruz wants to move behind the camera”

  1. Josh says:

    Penelope Cruz is a terrible actress; I wonder what a mess she can do behind the camera? Well, maybe acting is just not her cup of tea. Is till wonder how she managed to stay in Hollywood. There is noggin special about her as an actress, just the looks, but hey, there are thousands of beautiful girls in Spain and Mexico after all.)