Pierce Brosnan can’t wait to return to Sorrento

Pierce-Brosnan After filming in Sorrento, Italy, Pierce Brosnan fell in love with the place and can’t wait to come back there again. While he was working on the movie Love Is All You Need, Pierce enjoyed his house and surroundings that he felt guilty his wife Keely wasn’t there with him so he lied to her every day trying to convince her that everything was terrible.

PIERCE BROSNAN APRIL 2013 The actor told BlogTalkRadio.com: “Keely was finishing building the house in Malibu, which was a huge undertaking, and I was working to pay for it! I would call her up and say, ‘Oh, it’s a horrible place. Nobody talks to me and I’m miserable. I can’t wait to come home. It’s raining.’ She saw through it! It was incredible. I had this 16th century villa in the heart of Sorrento. I drew the drapes every morning and there was Mount Vesuvius… It’s the most magical place to be. The film was not a big budget movie so I thought I’d just be in some lovely hotel somewhere, but the producer found a villa for me.” Pierce really enjoyed his time in Italy and people there and he says that everyone knew where he was hanging out.

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