Pierce Brosnan Talks About His Late Wife

confused-pierce-brosnan_100291-1920x1200 Death of his first wife is something Pierce Brosnan never got over completely. His wife Cassandra passed away back in 1991 after she lost her battle with ovarian cancer. Brosnan’s role in Love Is All You Need reminded him of his personal experience. “I went through it all, very publicly,” he says. “Such things draw a mark across your heart and it’s always a part of your life. To watch someone you love have their life eaten away – bit by bit, by this insidious and horrid disease – becomes an indelible part of your psyche,” Pierce continues. “It certainly did for me and, of course, when I received this script, the challenge of playing this part was not lost on me.”

He also added: “I know what it’s like to be a widower and what it’s like to find love again. So I know there’s hope and that you have to learn to get on with it. Ups and downs are what life is all about. But the memory of Cassie and her fight against cancer is never forgotten.” Brosnan remarried in 2001.

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