Pregnancy making Kristin Cavallari feel ‘gross’

kristin-cavallari-out-and-about_3962978 Kristin Cavallari is definitely not enjoying pregnancy.

The reality star is pregnant with her second child and she says it’s making her feel “gross” and tired all the time.

She told In Touch Weekly magazine: “You just feel gross. I live in leggings. I need to get it together and maybe put in a little effort to feel better about myself. I’ve been great, except that I’m really tired. It gets better after the first trimester, but it never really goes away.”

As for the cravings, she said: “I’ve been eating a lot of English muffins, and I’m in a tomato phase, so I’ve been making tomato soup and eggplant parmesan.”


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2 responses to “Pregnancy making Kristin Cavallari feel ‘gross’”

  1. Stacy says:

    Well, pregnancy goes differently by different people and all women have different sensations during it. Not many have easy and pleasant times when being pregnant. So, being honest many simply hate being pregnant, but love their babies inside. This is the sacrifice many women do to prolong life on our earth and become mothers. I am expecting my second baby and I am happy my pregnancy is easy and I enjoy it.

  2. Miya says:

    Pregnancy is not a fairy-tale period for many mothers, so I respect Kristin’s candid interview. Not all women enjoy their pregnancy, but they all are happy to become mothers and have wonderful babies. Life doesn’t give us guarantees, but creating a new life is a true magic and we, women, suffer, but do our best in this task.