Queen Latifah wants to interview Michelle Obama

queen-latifah Speaking to Conan O’Brien, Queen Latifah has revealed that she would love to have Michelle Obama as guest on her talk show. She has even named part of her studio the ‘Michelle Obama Lounge’.

”You know a girl can dream right. I think it would be awesome. The whole set is designed like my house basically. That’s the concept. You know like you come in, you sit, you have dinner at the kitchen table. So I made sure there’s a kitchen, you know like a dining room table so we can chit chat. Then there’s the lounge where she is, which is kind of like a family room with a den. So that’s the hope you know. That she’ll come on and sit in her very own lounge designed for her,” Latifah said.

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One response to “Queen Latifah wants to interview Michelle Obama”

  1. Johanna says:

    Yes Latifah, keep on dreaming! I hope Michelle Obama will pay attention to that wish and that she visits one of your shows. This would be a success – an interesting show I would watch with a great pleasure! Dreams come true and I hope this one takes place rather soon in your life. Latifah, you are simply and adorable woman and TV show star!